There are those of us that spread the truth and there are those that FAKE it

Friends of Syria

Graham Phillips being arrested in Latvia

This self proclaimed journalist Graham Phillips is travelling from country to country funded by Go Fund Me to spread lies and propaganda in the name of Russia.He isn’t doing Russia any favour, as his propaganda stunts only give Russia and real journalists and truth tellers a bad name. He claims to make videos telling the truth, but in fact they are short videos stating the obvious with lies as titles. He does not do any in depth interviewing or investigate anything, but just set up stories and lies.

Phillips can be compared with Danny Dayem for his FAKE stories, but instead of propaganda for Britain, he is saying that he works for Russia. In fact he is a freelance “journalist” doing his stunts in the name of Russia, which is doing Russia no favours at all. Just like the boy that cried wolf, the…

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Regime Change? Call Canvas in Serbia

Friends of Syria

As Serbia is forever showing loyalty to Russia, it is a matter of saying one thing and doing the opposite, while Russia is helping Syria fight the terrorists groups supported and trained by the US, Serbia is working for the US and has sent weapons to the very same terrorists Russia is fighting. Not to mention starting the so called ‘civil war’ narrative in Syria to eventually get regime change for the US.

You may or may not have heard of Canvas, which is based in Belgrade and starts revolutions around the world for money. They claim to help freedom fighters, but are paid by governments, that want to overthrow countries.

Canvas brag about starting the Arab Spring and see this as their success story and have since started the ball rolling for regime change for the US.

Canvas starts fake demonstrations and graffiti against the government, which is then…

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Boycott the Eurovision Song Contest

Friends of Syria

Some 50 British cultural figures, including musician Peter Gabriel and actress Julie Christie, signed a letter published on Tuesday in the Guardian calling on the BBC to push for the locale of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest to be changed because of “Israel’s systematic violation of Palestinian human rights.”

The BBC rejected the call, saying it was ‘inappropriate to use the BBC’s participation for political reasons.’

Also among the dozens of signatories were filmmakers Mike Leigh and Ken Loach, fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, and musician Roger Waters.

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When Government Military Burned Homes and Killed Civillians

Friends of Syria

Some try to liken the war on Syria to the war on Kosovo, but they are so totally opposite. President Assad did not kill his own people, as Western Governments would have you to believe, but they were killed in Kosovo, by the Serbian military.

What happened in Kosovo was more like what is happening in Palestine today. Before the war, houses burned down by Serbian soldiers and men taken from their homes and killed and women raped.

The reason you don’t hear of these horror stories, is because the Serbs would like you to believe that they are the victims and Kosovar terrorists attacked them. The truth is there were no Al Qaeda terrorists in Kosovo at that time and anyone that travels to Syria to fight with ISIS are jailed on return. Even those suspected as being terrorists are arrested. Even one we reported on, was locked up…

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Aleppo Today – 2 Years After Being Liberated From US Backed Terrorists

Friends of Syria

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

by Janice Kortkamp

Aleppo, Syria – two years ago, on December 14, 2016 to be exact, was liberated from a four year long siege of multiple terrorist groups, many of which were directly backed by the US, UK, France and other western “leaders of the free world” like Norway, Australia, and Canada among many.

The American/western ‘chicken little’ mainstream media was filled with stories of “Aleppo is falling!!!”; “Aleppo is burning!!!”; “Save the children, save the last people in Aleppo!!” – also the last hospital, gardener and clown. They told us that there would be horrific massacres, mass rapes, the end of days should the Syrian Arab Army and its allies Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah retake control of the eastern “rebel” terrorist held part and the entire city reunited.

But their stories weren’t true. It was lies.

What really happened was that Aleppo was freed from a nightmare. It’s still…

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CIA concludes Saudi crown prince ordered Jamal Khashoggi’s assassination

Friends of Syria

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman during a meeting at the United Nations in New York on March 27. (Amir Levy/Reuters)

By Shane Harris , Greg Miller and Josh Dawsey

The CIA has concluded that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Istanbul last month, contradicting the Saudi government’s claims that he was not involved in the killing, according to people familiar with the matter.

The CIA’s assessment, in which officials have said they have high confidence, is the most definitive to date linking Mohammed to the operation and complicates the Trump administration’s efforts to preserve its relationship with a close ally. A team of 15 Saudi agents flew to Istanbul on government aircraft in October and killed Khashoggi inside the Saudi consulate, where he had come to pick up documents that he needed for his planned marriage to a Turkish woman.

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Israel settlers dump sewage on Palestinian school in Qalqiliya

Friends of Syria

Palestinian school children can be seen in sewage water [Twitter Palestinian school children can be seen in sewage water [Twitter]

Israeli settlers dumped their sewage on a Palestinian school in the northern occupied West Bank district of Qalqilia yesterday.

The Azzun Beit Amin School playground was flooded with sewage for the second time in two months as a result of the settlers’ actions.

Principal Alaa Marabeh said it would take more than ten days for the sewage water to dry and this has caused a foul smell to spread across the school building and risks damaging the students’ health.

The settlers live in the nearby illegal settlement of Sha’arei Tikva which is home to some 4,000 Jewish settlers.

Since it occupied the West Bank in the Six Day War of 1967, Israel has pursued a continuous policy of illegal settlement. Israeli human rights organisation B’Tselem estimates that as of the end of 2015 there were 127 Israeli government-sanctioned settlements in…

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Trump administration about to give Israel $3.8 billion

Friends of Syria

Trump administration about to give Israel $3.8 billion

Despite the fact that legislation to give Israel $38 billion over the next 10 years is still pending, the Trump administration is about to give Israel the first installment – $3.8 billion – for the 2019 fiscal year, which officially began Oct. 1st.

This amounts to $7,230 per minute to Israel, or $120 per second.

The decision to start giving Israel this money immediately rather than waiting for the legislation to pass is based on implementing the Obama administration’s 2016 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The money will be deposited in an Israeli account at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. This is an interest bearing account, meaning that Israel will get even more money from the U.S. economy.

The New York Federal Reserve Bank, where Israel has an interest-bearing account.

Because the Obama-Netanyahu MOU is non-binding, Israel partisan are pushing through legislation making…

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