Colonel Mohammad Abdo Khaddour Murdered

On 19th April 2011, armed criminal groups, knows as “Peaceful Human Rights Demonstrators” committed a new crime by opening fire on Colonel Mohammad Abdo Khaddour, shooting him in the head and torso while he was heading to work in the city of Homs.
The criminal group wasn’t content with murder; it also resorted to mutilating Col. Khadour’s face.
Sergeant Major Ghassan Mehrez was also shot while driving a minibus to work, martyring him as well.
The source added that this blood that was spilled on the road was meant to be spilt in defense of the country’s freedom and dignity. However, the treacherous and criminal armed groups controlled by sides abroad insisted upon carrying out their criminal plots.
On the other hand, the armed criminal groups continued their aggressions against the security of the motherland and the citizens targeting two police stations in al-Hamidiya and al-Bayyada in Homs as six policemen were wounded while two members of the armed group were killed and five wounded.
Homs Police Chief, Brigadier Hamid Asa’ad Mar’ai, said that armed criminal groups tried to set fire at al-Bayyada Police Station after surrounding it, adding that they fired at its personnel and wounded a number of them.
Director of Homs National Hospital, Ghassan Tannous, said “Six members of the security forces were brought to the hospital Tuesday dawn as they had various injuries after they were shot and physically attacked with sharp tools and batons during their shift at al-Bayyada and al-Hamidiya police stations.”
He added “The injured stressed that about 50 armed men attacked al-Bayyada Police Station at 03:00 a.m. and opened fire at the security members and attacked one of them with batons and sharp tools, indicating that the same scene took place at al-Hamidiya Police Station.”

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