There are those of us that spread the truth and there are those that FAKE it

Friends of Syria

Graham Phillips being arrested in Latvia

This self proclaimed journalist Graham Phillips is travelling from country to country funded by Go Fund Me to spread lies and propaganda in the name of Russia.He isn’t doing Russia any favour, as his propaganda stunts only give Russia and real journalists and truth tellers a bad name. He claims to make videos telling the truth, but in fact they are short videos stating the obvious with lies as titles. He does not do any in depth interviewing or investigate anything, but just set up stories and lies.

Phillips can be compared with Danny Dayem for his FAKE stories, but instead of propaganda for Britain, he is saying that he works for Russia. In fact he is a freelance “journalist” doing his stunts in the name of Russia, which is doing Russia no favours at all. Just like the boy that cried wolf, the…

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