This is a view of Human Rights Peaceful Activists, or shall we say mercenaries who are smuggled into Syria to kill innocent people. These men are not fighting for the rights of the people, they are fighting for money. Thugs given weapons and money and ordered to kill. They are killing professors, children, armed forces and destroying government buildings. They have destroyed schools and broken into the houses of innocent people who support the government and butchered them.

They come from Egypt, the arab states and even as far as Serbia just to fight. They make demands of the government and then will not accept them, because that is not their aim. They have no interest in demands, they just love to kill. We will show how they butcher people, decapitate them and cut limbs off, while all the time filming what they are doing. Why film their evil deeds you will ask? Just so they can post the films on YouTube and blame the government.

Any logical person would think it ridiculous that the government would film such acts, when they deny it to the world. These men have no scruples, the international media shows their films so they do more killing. It is as if the world has given them the green light to go on a murder campaign. The west calls for the government not to kill them, but just let them carry on killing with no consequence. Our children will grow up seeing how easy it is to invade a country and go on a killing spree as long as you make enough films of your handy work.

Thousands of army uniforms were smuggled in from Lebanon for these Peaceful Human Rights Activists to wear, so that they  could claim to be the Syrian Armed Forces. It is a pity they forgot to get the shoes to go with the uniforms, as the shoes have been a give away, to these army protestors.

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  1. Hi,
    I am Le Thuy, a representative from Free News of the World (FNOTW). FNOTW is a neutral site specialized in news from conflict zones.

    I have been studying the civil war in Syria and have written many articles concerning the subject. I have also been following your writings and activties on the Syrian conflict and found them valuable. They will contribute significant news and discussion topics about the conflict.

    Would it be possible for FNOTW to have an interview with your organization in order to learn of your activities as well as to understand the situation in Syria?

    Briefly about FNOTW: With FNOTW, everybody from both sides of the conflicts can freely write news, post pictures and discuss the conflicts. Our ultimate goal is to help both sides of the conflict understand each other through news and discussion. We aim to build a platform that promotes freedom of speech and direct discussion among people with different perspectives.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Le Thuy
    Free News of the World Team
    FNOTW is an organization independent of any political ideology, government, religion or economic interest. FNOTW does not take stand in any conflict


    1. This site is primarily to show the terrorists and their crimes. http:friendsofsyria.wordpress.com has been following the invasion of Syria since the beginning of the war and fights against the lying media which fueled the war by showing only terrorist fake films. To this day the western media does not have pro Assad supporters in their discussions. They just have pro FSA supporters speaking the same lies from different countries. There are two sides to the conflict Syria and the USA. The terrorists are the foot soldiers of the USA. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey are the puppets of the USA sending the arms and terrorists. The USA could stop the war tomorrow, but will keep killing innocent people to get their way.

      There have been no peaceful demonstrations against Bashar Al Assad. From the very beginning there was only demonstrations of millions in support for Assad. Every single demonstration shown on the western media against the government was fake.


      1. Hi,
        Thanks for your comment.

        I have to admit that the mainstream media is sometimes biased and might even be twisted to serve some purposes. That’s what we all don’t want to fall victims of. And that’s the reason why we create FNOTW, a platform for all the sides to be able to come and express themselves.

        The reason why there is full of pro-FSA articles on the site is because we have been able to invite the people from the opposition to join us. The other reporters in the team are following the mainstream media because for an outsider who doesn’t know anything, the only way is to check BBC. It is surprisingly hard to find and convince pro-Assad people to join the conversation. We do not cross post to balance the conversation because we want users to come with their own perspectives about the situation.

        I’ve been following Friends of Syria website and really admire the work you, human rights activists have done to reveal what is actually happening to the Syrian people but not covered by the mainstream media. That is the reason why we hope to have an interview with you to learn more about your organization and the situation there.

        Direct discussion is the only way to learn and understand. I hope I have explained well the purpose of FNOTW. Hope to hear from you.



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