‘United States, Saudi Arabia Funding Terrorists in Syria’

Source Press TV
The Human Rights Watch (HRW) says the armed gangs in Syria are carrying out serious human rights abuses.

It says the armed gangs are kidnapping, torturing and executing people including Syrian security forces and the government’s supporters.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Syed Ali Wasif, from the Society for International Reforms and Research, to share his opinion on this issue.

The following is a transcript of the interview:

Press TV: Well let us look at this latest situation in Syria where now HRW(the Human Rights Watch) is admitting and condemning the situation in Syria and actually blaming the gangs. How significant is this?

Wasif: Very significant. At last they have realized that they have been committing a big blunder for not quoting and for not reporting the direct ground realities and the situation there in Syria.

I have been and not just me, people like me who know the realities of those gangs and those gangsters supported by Saudi Arabia, supported by the United States, Israel, France and Britain and supported by the Salafi ideology, those are the gangsters towards whom I have been pinpointing in my previous discussions not on just this channel but on other channels as well.

And I have been lecturing, I have been telling the people that the real situation mainly is the creation of those Salafists, of those Saudi terrorists backed by and financed by Saudi Arabia and trained by British and French forces there who are trying to disrupt the peace of Syria, disrupt the system of Syria and they are trying to have a covert Salafi government there which would favor Israel, which would favor the American policies in that region, which would consolidate the Saudi influence there, which would disrupt the Lebanese peace there, which would disrupt the Iraqi peace there.

So it is basically a multi pronged attack through those armed gangs and thanks a lot at last those Human Rights Watch and other organizations have realized that they have committed a blunder and the real culprits behind the situation, behind destabilizing the secular regime of Assad is mainly a tacit support for Israel.

And they have been engaging in terrorist acts which are contradictory to international legal norms and international humanitarian norms, international human rights norms.

So I think it is high time that Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International as well, both of these organizations since they have international presence they must report these atrocities by these gangsters and terrorists through the Human Rights Council with the United Nations.

Press TV: Well Syed Wasif, do you think that we will be seeing a retreat from the Salafists that have been supported by some Western governments now that we have an international organization like Human Rights Watch admitting that it is actually armed gangs that are doing the majority of the violence in that country?

Do you think one that it is a sign that the Assad government has been successful in combating those gangs to a certain degree that they are meeting these international organizations and to will it mean a retreat at all from these gangs as far as what they are doing in Syria?

Wasif: Never, never until they are wiped off from the streets of Syria they will come again and again and again. This is the Salfi germ which would be wiped off. So I do not think so.

The second thing is those Human Rights Watch people and of course Amnesty International is lagging behind in this endeavor to pinpoint the real culprits before the international community.

So I hope that they will one day acknowledge the fact that it is not the Syrian President, it is on the contrary the terrorist, the Salafi terrorist and the Syrian opposition which is being backed by MOSSAD and by Western intelligence agencies and funded by Saudi Arabia to have a covert operation there, to have a covert government there which would ultimately support the Israeli regime and disrupt the peace of that region.

So the second aim of that is to destabilize Iran as well.


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  1. The narrative which was carefully controlled by the mainstream pressitutes has been redefined in order to bring a sense of reality to the fictional and delusional tale being spewed by the discredited western news services who have acted like trained dogs. The truth of the situation in Syria is that amerika has been led astray by the treasonous tyrant that has usurped potus. being beholden to his foreign masters he is misleading the american people and engaging in wholesale crimes against the Constitution and crimes against Humanity. I pray that people will realuze what is being done in their names before it is too late.


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