Rami Abdel Rahman

Well it looks like the White Helmets are on the move – will not face any trial in Syria for crimes against humanity. Only the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights left to deal with and the fat old criminal Rami Abdel Rahman who has been pumping out anti Assad propaganda for the past 7 years. He has not set foot in Syria since 2002 and is wanted for treason. He has run this disgusting propaganda outlet from a back street terraced house in Coventry. Receiving on the ground reports via Skype from Al Qaeda Al Nusra and the White Helmets. The BBC and most of the British media have used his propaganda and have constantly quoted the SOHR as the source. When William Hague was Foreign Secretary he invited this terrorist to the FO and since then he has been funded by the Government. Kick him out of Coventry.

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