Human Rights Peaceful Protestors April 2011

These two men are members of Extremist Terrorist Cells in Daraa and Lattakia and confessed to attacking Army and Security Forces, Firing on Passing Cars and Burning Public Property. They were arrested in April 2011. These men were called Human Rights Peaceful protestors.

Here is their confessions:

Ahmad Mohammad Hussein, a member of an extremist terrorist cell that was arrested in Daraa, admitted to assaulting the army and security forces and opening fire on passing cars on Daraa highway on Monday, including a vehicle belonging to the Commercial Bank of Syria.

Hussein, a native of al-Gharia al-Gharbiya, Daraa governorate, born in 1984, said that on Monday he heard a voice from a mosque calling the people of al-Gharia to jihad, saying “your brothers are being killed in Daraa and you are sitting.”

He said that he and others gathered in front of the mosque, and the sheikh there said that he will go to another mosque to repeat the calls which he did. As a result, people gathered in a square where the sheikh asked some of those present to fetch tires. When they returned, they went to a cellar that contained bottles full of gasoline.

Hussein said that the sheikh tasked youths who served in the military with filling the bottles. They filled 20 liters of gasoline in small bottles in addition to nails and wicks, which would be lit with matches and thrown at the army.

He said that the sheikh instructed them to climb atop buildings and hide as not to be seen, and when the army arrives they would throw the gasoline bottles at them, adding “Afterwards, we went to the highway and crossed the barrier and placed tires… they brought a tractor and put cement block in the middle of the highway in both direction… we stood there for a while.”

Hussein added that some of members of the group were educated and stopped people asking for identity cards or passport, holding or releasing whoever they want, saying “some of the groups on the barrier had machine guns, automatic rifles, pump-action shotguns, pistols and snowballs that we brought from sheikh Walid, the sheikh who said that those who participate in Jihad and die and kill the army and security forces are martyrs.”

He went on to say that sheikh Walid brought the weapons from sheikh Ahmad al-Sayasneh who affirmed to them that those who kill the army and security forces and work to change the system are martyrs, and that those who wanted money will receive it and receive weapons and gasoline, as long as they are martyred and participate in jihad.

“When a bank car came from the direction of the Jordanian borders towards Damascus, the guys tried to stop it… the driver slowed down but before these guys could get to the car he sped up again… they opened fire and threw gasoline bottles and stones on the car,” Hussein said.

He said that afterwards, a Kuwaiti car came and the group signaled it to stop and it slowed down, and once they approached in it sped up so they opened fire on it and shot the front tire with a shotgun round, causing the car to flip.

Hussein stated than on the previous Friday, youths from the area went to the party headquarters, burning it and breaking chairs, and afterwards they broke the Municipality’s surveillance camera.

“Sheikh Walid Majed al-Munawer has been calling people to jihad for a month, saying that when they call for jihad they must be stationed here and must be martyred in die for the sake of God,” Hussein concluded.

In Lattakia, Ghassan Selwaya, a member of an extremist terrorist organization that committed murder and vandalism against the army, security and forces and inncocent citizens in the government, confessed that he was arrested fro setting fire to busses, resisting patrols, and committing vandalism.

Selwaya said that he was recruited by people referred to Abu el-Abed, Abu Muhammad, Abu Sebhi, Abu Mohammad and his brother.

“A man came to use and said that there are protests on Friday at Khaled bin al-Walid mosque… we said that we’re ready but we want weapons… he provided us with the weapons we used against the army, security forces and the citizens,” Selwaya said.

He went on to say that on the first day, they seized a bus from the municipality to go to the Slaibiya police station to steal guns from policemen and kills them, noting that they were many and filled the bus. They agreed to stage an ambush since they’re using a municipality bus.

Selwaya said that he was driving the bus and wanted to stop it in front of the police station where they would shoot the guards outside and take their guns, and then enter to kill the others.

“While I was going to the protest, the protestors who were there though I was with the government as I was driving a government bus and thought that the government was coming to arrest them… they opened fire on me so I backed away to the bridge and left the bus there near the train station. I brought bottles of gasoline and set fire to the bus.”

Selwaya said that after burning the bus, he and his group burned the train station by lighting and throwing gasoline bottles at the it, then they returned to the streets and set fire to tired and placed barricades.

“The weapons I carried were a 9mm pistol, an 8.5mm pistol, and an automatic rifle that was given to me by one of the protests who considered himself the leader of the revolution,” Selwaya went on, adding that he was sentenced to five years in prison and SYP 500,000 in fines, and that he protested because he believed that the sentence will “go away.”

He said that the protests they participated in were called “peaceful” in order for nothing to touch them, but in fact they were armed, concluded by saying “we used weapons… we opened fire on the security and the army to kill them.”

The Syrian Television broadcast pictures of youths carrying weapons during a protest. The pictures were on Selwaya’s mobile phone who said that these pictures were of him and his accomplices when they were killing and assaulting during the protests.

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