Aleppo Today – 2 Years After Being Liberated From US Backed Terrorists

Friends of Syria

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by Janice Kortkamp

Aleppo, Syria – two years ago, on December 14, 2016 to be exact, was liberated from a four year long siege of multiple terrorist groups, many of which were directly backed by the US, UK, France and other western “leaders of the free world” like Norway, Australia, and Canada among many.

The American/western ‘chicken little’ mainstream media was filled with stories of “Aleppo is falling!!!”; “Aleppo is burning!!!”; “Save the children, save the last people in Aleppo!!” – also the last hospital, gardener and clown. They told us that there would be horrific massacres, mass rapes, the end of days should the Syrian Arab Army and its allies Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah retake control of the eastern “rebel” terrorist held part and the entire city reunited.

But their stories weren’t true. It was lies.

What really happened was that Aleppo was freed from a nightmare. It’s still…

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