British/Pakistani Terrorist Killed in Syria

As the BBC show sympathy for this British/Pakistani Terrorist who was killed in Syria last week, we can throw a light on who this man really is.


His name is Abdullah Deghayes, after they confirmed his descent into the bowels of Hell last week. He is the nephew of a Guantanamo Concentration Camp detainee, Omar Deghayes, who was arrested while molesting little boys in Peshawar, Pakistan in 2002. We are seeing so many terrorists fighting who were once detained in Guantanamo and then freed.

Abdullah was due to start College in Brighton, but instead the family tradition of terrorism. Britain should be thankful that he was killed by the Syrian Arab Army in Syria, because his whole family are danger to Britain.

Hundreds of Britons are fighting in Syria, with most of them having Pakistani origin. There should be a new law that deports the whole family of immigrants who fight for Jihad.



War Crimes of the Obama Backed Opposition

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Syrian Arab Army soldiers were decapitated and dragged through  the streets. 

A new war crime was committed by these terrorists against the army in the Kaminas village in the province of Idleb.

7 regular soldiers had been taken prisoner during an assault launched last Wednesday (April 16) by the Government army against the village occupied by the militia of the Group Jound al-Aqsa.

According to the Syrian site al-Hadath News, all were beheaded and their bodies were dragged through the streets of this village. Subsequently the militia have cut their bodies into pieces and played football with their heads.

An ASL opposition leader quoted by the website of the Qatar‬ satellite TV had reported under cover of anonymity that five soldiers were taken prisoner, but did not mention their fate. In Idleb, this militia fighting alongside that of Jaich al-cham, and Ahrar al-Cham, both very close to Al-‪‎

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US Army Vet and Syrian Rebel With Possible Links To CIA Found Dead

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eric_harroun by Brandon Turbeville

The former U.S. Army Ranger who fought alongside death squads in Syria and who was arrested upon his return, Eric Harroun, has been found dead in his father’s house in Arizona this week.

“With deep sorrow, we regret to inform you of our beloved Eric Harroun’s death. He will be missed by his family, friends, and many people around the world his life has touched,” the family’s statement read.

Although an official cause of death has not been released, Harroun’s sister posted a statement claiming that Harroun died as the result of an accidental overdose.

Harroun was arrested last year by the FBI for his association with known terrorist group and al-Qaeda affiliate Jobhat al-Nusra.

Yet the case eventually saw Harroun a free man with only three years of parole as a penalty since, according to ABC news, the government confused Harroun’s affiliation with al-Nasr with the…

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German Jihadist dies for Al Qaeda

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NRW zu lasch gegen Salafisten??
250 Salafisten aus Deutschland, die überwiegende Mehrheit junge Männer, kämpfen nach Informationen der Sicherheitsbehörden im syrischen Bürgerkrieg. 
Sie gelten als extrem fanatisch und gewaltbereit, lernen in Syrien das blutige Handwerk des Krieges. 
Allein 110 von ihnen stammen den Erkenntnissen zufolge aus NRW. 
Die Region an Rhein und Ruhr ist als Rückzugs- und Rekrutierungsraum für die Salafisten offenbar besonders attraktiv. 
Nach Bonn, Mönchengladbach und Solingen taucht nun in diesem Kontext immer öfter die Gemeinde Dinslaken, Kreis Wesel, auf. 
Haben die Sicherheitsbehörden die Lage wirklich unter Kontrolle? 
Bei der Opposition im Landtag machen sich erste Zweifel breit.

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