UK Accused Of Blocking UN Inquiry Into Saudi War Crimes In Yemen

SAUDI WAR CRIMES Rights groups say the UK is putting arms sales to Saudi Arabia before investigations into civilian deaths from coalition bombings. by Jamie Merrill The UK is set to block an attempt to establish an independent international inquiry into the war in Yemen, prompting dismay among rights groups. Canada and Holland are hoping to garner... Continue Reading →


US Hiring Mercenaries with $1,500 Daily Wages for War in Southern Yemen: Reports

Intelligence sources in Sana'a disclosed that the US has sent a large number of mercenaries it has hired on high wages to the Southern parts of Yemen to help the Saudi troops against the Yemeni forces there. "The US has dispatched American security mercenaries to Southern Yemen for further cooperation with the Saudi-led coalition," a... Continue Reading →

The Media the Ignores the Spread of Sharia Law in Yemen

A raft of gross and deeply disturbing abuses committed by an al-Qa'ida affiliate and Yemeni government forces during their struggle for the control of the southern region of Abyan in 2011 and 2012 must be the subject of impartial, thorough and independent inquiries, Amnesty International said in a new report out 04 December 2012. Conflict... Continue Reading →

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