Erdoğan’s Religious Guide Approved Torture And Abuse In Turkey

Date posted: February 2, 2017 Turkish president’s chief religious counsel has given his approval to overlook torture and other crimes committed by members of security services, saying that Turkey is at total mobilization and under attack from within and outside. Hayrettin Karaman, a professor of Islamic law who is known as Turkish President Recep Tayyip... Continue Reading →


Captured PKK/YPG Terrorists : We Were Trained by German, French and American Special Forces

Turkish Security Forces have captured 2 YPG terrorists in Sirnak, Turkey coming from Europe, Chezh Republic to join the PKK's offshoot organisation in Syria. They were captured while trying to pass the border. Their names announced as Miroslav Farkas (Alies "Serxwebun Botan") and Marketa Vselichova (Alies "Zelane Botan"). On their first statement they said German,... Continue Reading →

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