Gaza Suffers and the World Turns a Blind Eye

Gaza is that suffering that even the word of relief can not cure. #Gaza has a deep pain attached to the heart.


Israeli Government To Ethnically Cleanse Palestinians

Sean Adl-Tabatabai The Israeli government has drafted plans to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from the country and annex the entire West Bank. The plan, proposed by Likud, has been designed to force Palestinian residents to immigrate against their will to neighbouring Arab countries. reports: Make no mistake about this — this plan amounts to a none-too-subtle form... Continue Reading →

Israel-Palestine Timeline

The Human Cost of the Conflict Below is a list, in reverse chronological order, of Israelis and Palestinians killed by someone from the other side since the Second Intifada began in 2000.* Click on the names for more details, photos and sources. This website records each person killed, and aims to remind us all that... Continue Reading →

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