Make no mistake about it . . . . these two bastards are bigger terrorists than all of those who oppose US occupation put together. These two are obsessed with using force to try to solve the very problems they themselves created by interfering in the affairs of other nations, indiscriminate bombing of even hospitals, overthrowing governments, destroying whole nations, families, they support some of the most corrupt regimes on the planet . . . . they are not protecting Americans, nor are they patriots, they are making it more dangerous for Americans, and, they are making it more dangerous for all of the citizens of the world.


BBC Still Supporting Terrorists in The Wake of Manchester Bombing

BBC CONTINUE TO SHOW TERRORIST PROPAGANDA FILMS on the day of the concert for support of the victims.

In the wake of the Manchester bombings which saw 23 dead and multiple casualties, some which remain in hospital, the BBC continue to promote the terrorists by showing their propaganda, today. The BBC news channel showed a terrorist propaganda film from last year showing the terrorist held part of Aleppo, in Syria.

Since 2011 and the start of the Syrian war, the BBC have only shown the situation in Syria from the terrorist prospective. Entering Syria illegally with Al Qaeda in the beginning and only speaking to the terrorist groups.

The Conservative Government in Britain supporting and sending equipment to the terrorist groups while the BBC showing FAKE news and propaganda to justify the governments actions.

The British have to buy a licence to watch this propaganda and if they do not pay up they will be fined or jailed.

It was interesting that at the end of the documentary, it stated that the main ‘terrorists’ in the film had fled to Turkey. The following screen shots are from today’s documentary that was filmed last year from a terrorist controlled part of Aleppo. Look at their faces carefully, because these terrorists have already left Syria for Turkey, so they are probably in Europe by now. Are they on a watch list? Are they planning terrorist attacks in Europe now, these friends of the BBC and the Conservative Government.

Anyone who has visited Syria during the war (not the jihadists) know the truth. The Syrian people know who are killing them and it is not the government. Real Syrians will never say there are barrel bombs as this only comes from the terrorist propaganda. Only the terrorists who have escaped to Europe posing as refugees would say such a thing. They will never say they are being killed by the terrorists, because they are the terrorists.

The Syrians hate the BBC and Al Jazeera since 2011 for showing lies on the TV. The Syrians could see it on their own TVs and in every house I visited they were all shouting at the TV.

On the other hand the Western media wonder why viewers are turning to watch RT instead. The BBC show only FAKE news and support Terrorism, RT tells the truth and supports the Syrian people. From the start of the war, RT was the only station, that was telling the truth of what was happening inside Syria. Many of us who were spreading the truth were invited to RT to argue with the terrorist supporters.

RT was in Syria following the SAA and speaking to the every day Syrian people, who were being attacked by the terrorists.

The BBC has never shown ordinary Syrian people since the war started. The have never shown the peaceful part of Syria and only give the impression that the whole country is destroyed.

RT shows the reality of the situation in Syria. The Fake news agenda only came about, when the Syrian people were liberated by the SAA in Aleppo. The mainstream media were afraid that the viewers would understand that they have been lying about the situation, once the Syrians who had been rescued told the truth. So the phrase Fake news was born against those who were telling the truth by those who have been showing lies and propaganda for seven years.

We will leave you with Lizzie Phelan speaking about the media lies and propaganda and was filmed before she started working for RT.



L’Espresso: Lavdrim executioner return to Kosovo Muhaxheri own 400-ti

ISIS defeat in war zones and wrinkles terrorists are pushing foreign fighters to return and change their targets. Old Continent seek to strike at the heart, according to statements and strategies made public through the networks of the leaders of the Islamic State, after heavy losses suffered in recent months.

 Many jihadists are Balkan convert. Some of them caught and isolated. But most of counterterrorism for the state not protected by a network that is based in the Balkans.

Fugitive number 1 called Lavdrim Muhaxheri also known as the “Butcher of the Balkans”, known especially for terror spread through the network in 2014, when 29-year-old Kosovo Albanian posting pictures and photos of what he terming as “traitors”.

Muhaxheri, also known by the name Abu Abdullah al-Kosovo has long been regarded as one of the leaders of ISIS, after climbing as head of the Balkan Brigade jihadists and that many times is said to have died in Syria.

But in August last year he was alive and smiling with a Kalashnikov in hand.

But what is the worst, according to what the results L’ESPRESSO, the Italian secret service sources in Kosovo is the “butcher of Kacanik” (a small town in Kosovo, the Macedonian border known as a center for jihadists ) a few months back in his homeland, in Kosovo together with about 300-400 members of the Islamic caliphate.

Arriving in Kosovo Lavdrim seems Muhaxheri made by Macedonia in mid-November. After that, the heads of the secret services have put in work KIA Kosovo Intelligence Agency and counterterrorism units in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo.

But the executioner seems to have lost track again.

Returning Muhaxheri in the Balkans, according to the Italian secret services it is considered as a very serious threat not only for the area Balkans but also for many European countries, where the leader of the jihadist from Kosovo (introduced in the global list of terrorists by the US in 2014), has many contacts and is able to hit.

The jihadist network “butcher” is branched. But not only that Muhaxheri has a very good knowledge of the enemy, because before he became one of the leaders of the jihadists, worked at the US base Bondsteel in Kosovo and before that worked for NATO in Afghanistan.

“Lavdrim Muhaxheri is a threat,” he wrote in his main title, BalkanInsight on November 18, shortly after the arrest of 19 terrorists who were preparing terrorist attacks in Albania and Kosovo. In the center of the terrorist attacks was actually become an explosive eruption in Albania-Israel international match to be played in Shkodra.

But exactly these alerts and Muhaxheri’s arrival in Kosovo, put on alert half of the world’s intelligence agencies, which avoided one of the events that could be among the bloodiest of recent years.

Those arrested, according to sources from the Kosovo police, were coordinated by Lavdrim Muhaxheri from Syria where he was. But in the days when the action took place, one of the leaders of ISIS originally from Kaçaniku, had returned home. And there is no possibility that Muhaxheri launched to Syria, seeing his links with Italy.

In December of 2015 during the operation codenamed “Van Damme” was dismantled terrorist cells operating between Kosovo and Italy as its leader had Imishtin Samet, who lived between Brescia and Kosovo.

In the house of the arrested in Kosovo, they found evidence of his relationship with Muhaxheri exactly according to what Il Giornale.