Terrorists Attacking Civilians Areas of Damascus

Hell raining down in beloved Damascus today as “rebel” terrorists attack civilian areas with mortars and exploding bullets.

What lovely “freedom and democracy” we’ve brought to beautiful, safe, secular Syria.

I’ve been very quiet online lately for a few reasons.

First because am crushingly busy working on some projects and plans.

And second, had to take a few days break as I was just so angry about so many things. Was talking with a dear friend and fellow true patriot the other day…both in despair after peeling back the layers of the onion of US foreign policy. There are very very few examples of us doing anything good…or even trying to

Growing up hurts.

Janice Kortkamp

Free Syrian Army Shoot Un-armed Civilian in Cold Blood.

Free Syrian Army, shoot an innocent un-armed civilian in cold blood,  just because he supports his government. He along with another 22 million+ who support Bashar Al Assad. These butchers are chanting that they are going to kill all of them.

These butchers have been given the go ahead to kill in the name of “Freedom” (USA) This is just what Hillary Clinton is paying them to do. Kill innocent unarmed civilians across Syria and then she claims she is doing it for the people of Syria. What people? What Syrians? She wants to kill everyone, just to get her own way. The woman has gone crazy!! Killing around the world, innocent, men women and children. “FOR WHAT” Tell us Hillary, why are you killing all these people?

You tell us you want Bashar Al Assad to stand down and face human rights trials, for killing his own people, but in fact he is not killing his own people. YOU ARE and it is you who should face war crimes trials for ordering your butchers to go out an KILL. You will go down as the MOST EVIL WOMAN IN HISTORY.