UN warns to blacklist firms working in lands occupied by Israel: Report

The photo shows a construction site for the Israeli settlement of Kiryat Arba, east the West Bank town of al-Khalil on August 24, 2017. (By AFP) The United Nations human rights office has reportedly threatened to blacklist nearly 150 Israeli and international companies for operating in the Israeli occupied territories, including the West Bank, East... Continue Reading →


UK Accused Of Blocking UN Inquiry Into Saudi War Crimes In Yemen

SAUDI WAR CRIMES Rights groups say the UK is putting arms sales to Saudi Arabia before investigations into civilian deaths from coalition bombings. by Jamie Merrill The UK is set to block an attempt to establish an independent international inquiry into the war in Yemen, prompting dismay among rights groups. Canada and Holland are hoping to garner... Continue Reading →

‘The Palestine Exception’: War on BDS is now a war on American democracy

by Ramzy Baroud Image of protesters supporting the BDS movement outside Downing Street during Benjamin Netanyahu's visit to the UK on September 9 2016 There is something immoral in Washington D.C., and its consequences can be dire for many people, particularly for the health of US democracy. The US government is declaring war on the Palestinian... Continue Reading →

Israel Celebrates Another Land Grab in the Middle East

PM Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel endorses independence for Kurds Iraq's Kurds plan to hold the referendum on September 25 in three governorates that make up their self-ruled region as well as disputed areas that are controlled by Kurdish forces but claimed by Baghdad, including the oil-rich province of Kirkuk. Israel’s leader says the country supports Kurdish... Continue Reading →

Israeli Government To Ethnically Cleanse Palestinians

Sean Adl-Tabatabai The Israeli government has drafted plans to ethnically cleanse Palestinians from the country and annex the entire West Bank. The plan, proposed by Likud, has been designed to force Palestinian residents to immigrate against their will to neighbouring Arab countries. Forward.com reports: Make no mistake about this — this plan amounts to a none-too-subtle form... Continue Reading →

UK FM vows to ‘build strongest-ever relationship’ with Israel

UK British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson on 5 April 2017 [File photo]   British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has promised to strengthen relations between the UK and Israel in his official greeting to Jews in celebration of the Jewish New Year, according to the Jerusalem Post. “New Year is also a time to make resolutions and... Continue Reading →

Guantanamo is easily the biggest violator of human rights

US elites often attack Cuba for breaches of human rights, overlooking the most extreme violations that occur at the US-run Guantanamo facility. by SHANE QUINN The Guantanamo military prison, in south-eastern Cuba, has violated human rights at will since established by US President George W. Bush in 2002 – during his administration’s declared war against terrorism.... Continue Reading →

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