Terrorists allowed into Australia under UN guidelines….the RRT is part of the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal).

Some people questioned my statement that the Australian government has been complicit in allowing members of the Muslim Brotherhood to immigrate to Australia.

It’s been going on for years, as the link to the article below shows….The Australian newspaper reported on this, but the article has since “disappeared”….how convenient. But the government wasn’t able to stop it being published overseas….

This is not an isolated case. Now do you see what is going on at the highest (or is that the lowest?) levels of government?


Readers attention is drawn to RRT Reference: N95/09809, which was sent earlier this week.

In the case report, located at the link referenced below; it is stated that the Applicant was in the Phlipinnes and that he had worked for the IRIC.

According to the report from The Australian, 8 April 2006:

…..Syrian-born ( Ahmad al-Hamwi) is anything but an ordinary asylum-seeker. An investigation by The Weekend Australian has revealed that he has alleged links to terrorist organisations spanning a good part of the globe….Hamwi has been accused of being a senior al-Qa’ida bagman linked to the 1993 World Trade Centre bomber, Ramzi Yousef…..Hamwi was, by his own admission to the Refugee Review Tribunal, a key figure in the Islamic charity known as the International Research and Information Centre (IRIC)….According to Philippines National Police intelligence reports obtained by The Weekend Australian, Hamwi and his two colleagues at IRIC were funding Yousef’s plans, codenamed Operation Bojinka, which were a harbinger for September 11.
(…/0,20867,18748190-270…) – (this link is no longer available — funny that, isn’t it?)

It appears therefore that the applicant in RRT Reference: N95/09809 is Ahmad Al-Hamwi.

As the excerpts from the case repost attached below will show, Ahmad Al-Hamwi , members of his immediate family, his friend and associates are all members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Halwi was granted asylum , on the basis, in part, of his membership of the Brotherhood. In this regard , readers attention is also drawn to the statement in the story from THE AUSTRALIAN concerning the questions the Tribunal put to DFAT aand ASIO:

The tribunal asked ASIO whether Hamwi was “directly or indirectly responsible for any acts of terrorism”, and despite Hamwi being interviewed several times by the intelligence agency, “neither ASIO nor DFAT could or would provide any evidence to the tribunal in this regard”.
Readers are urged to read the case report in full to gain a full understanding of the matters outlined above.

I am submitting , based on the facts disclosed in the case report and the story in The Australian that the matter of Ahmad al-Hamwi provides further evidence of links between Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, in particular how the Brotherhood and its members support financially the activities of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

RRT Reference: N95/09809:…/… – (this link is No longer available)

In his work in << IRIC>> the Applicant was involved in comparative religious education and he believed that the true meaning of Islam is peace and submission to the will of God.

Although he was never told so he believed that his family supported the Muslim Brotherhood because they were devout and attended the Mosque regularly. Because of the situation in regard to the Muslim Brotherhood the Applicant said that a high degree of confidentiality had to be practised by its supporters.

The Applicant said his family kept a number of religious books written by Muslim Brotherhood authors. He said those books were kept upstairs at the family home and therefore visitors would not be aware of them.

He said his father had been a member of the brotherhood several decades prior to the 1982 situation and one of his school friends had been arrested and held for two months on suspicion of membership. That friend was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and so was that friend’s father.

Throughout the early eighties a high number of people were arrested because they were suspected of membership.

In 1984 the Applicant joined the Muslim Brotherhood in Hyderabad. He said this was only possible by invitation from existing members. He had become significantly involved through his activities in the Muslim Student Union.

In the Applicant’s case his family background was checked and he was questioned about his views. He had been a supporter of the organisation’s aims for many years and once he became a member he became heavily involved in its strategies. In 1986 he became a committee member of the Muslim Student’s Union.

In 1988 the Applicant was studying a Masters degree course in a Philippines university which he completed in 1993. In that same year (1988) he was able to obtain a false Syrian passport through MB members in Jordan. He payed US$100.00. While the passport contained accurate personal information about him and was possibly an actual Syrian passport it was not obtained through the appropriate channels. He believes that the passport was made by officials of either the Jordanian or Iraqi governments.

In 1987 and 1988 while studying in the Philippines the Applicant maintained his contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood. He continued to teach in the local Mosques in the Philippines but kept his membership of the MB secret. He said when he believed some of his students were ready for membership he informed them about the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He claimed in a statutory declaration dated 8 February 1996 that he “entertain (sic) a number of Brotherhood Members who came to the Philippines from overseas.

The Applicant fears return to Syria because of his connections with the Muslim Brotherhood. He says he also fears the situation in the Philippines for the reasons he has given and states that he has no right of residence there in any event.


L’Espresso: Lavdrim executioner return to Kosovo Muhaxheri own 400-ti

ISIS defeat in war zones and wrinkles terrorists are pushing foreign fighters to return and change their targets. Old Continent seek to strike at the heart, according to statements and strategies made public through the networks of the leaders of the Islamic State, after heavy losses suffered in recent months.

 Many jihadists are Balkan convert. Some of them caught and isolated. But most of counterterrorism for the state not protected by a network that is based in the Balkans.

Fugitive number 1 called Lavdrim Muhaxheri also known as the “Butcher of the Balkans”, known especially for terror spread through the network in 2014, when 29-year-old Kosovo Albanian posting pictures and photos of what he terming as “traitors”.

Muhaxheri, also known by the name Abu Abdullah al-Kosovo has long been regarded as one of the leaders of ISIS, after climbing as head of the Balkan Brigade jihadists and that many times is said to have died in Syria.

But in August last year he was alive and smiling with a Kalashnikov in hand.

But what is the worst, according to what the results L’ESPRESSO, the Italian secret service sources in Kosovo is the “butcher of Kacanik” (a small town in Kosovo, the Macedonian border known as a center for jihadists ) a few months back in his homeland, in Kosovo together with about 300-400 members of the Islamic caliphate.

Arriving in Kosovo Lavdrim seems Muhaxheri made by Macedonia in mid-November. After that, the heads of the secret services have put in work KIA Kosovo Intelligence Agency and counterterrorism units in Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo.

But the executioner seems to have lost track again.

Returning Muhaxheri in the Balkans, according to the Italian secret services it is considered as a very serious threat not only for the area Balkans but also for many European countries, where the leader of the jihadist from Kosovo (introduced in the global list of terrorists by the US in 2014), has many contacts and is able to hit.

The jihadist network “butcher” is branched. But not only that Muhaxheri has a very good knowledge of the enemy, because before he became one of the leaders of the jihadists, worked at the US base Bondsteel in Kosovo and before that worked for NATO in Afghanistan.

“Lavdrim Muhaxheri is a threat,” he wrote in his main title, BalkanInsight on November 18, shortly after the arrest of 19 terrorists who were preparing terrorist attacks in Albania and Kosovo. In the center of the terrorist attacks was actually become an explosive eruption in Albania-Israel international match to be played in Shkodra.

But exactly these alerts and Muhaxheri’s arrival in Kosovo, put on alert half of the world’s intelligence agencies, which avoided one of the events that could be among the bloodiest of recent years.

Those arrested, according to sources from the Kosovo police, were coordinated by Lavdrim Muhaxheri from Syria where he was. But in the days when the action took place, one of the leaders of ISIS originally from Kaçaniku, had returned home. And there is no possibility that Muhaxheri launched to Syria, seeing his links with Italy.

In December of 2015 during the operation codenamed “Van Damme” was dismantled terrorist cells operating between Kosovo and Italy as its leader had Imishtin Samet, who lived between Brescia and Kosovo.

In the house of the arrested in Kosovo, they found evidence of his relationship with Muhaxheri exactly according to what Il Giornale.




Pro-militant media outlets and ‘non-government’ organisations continue to implement a wide range of propaganda techniques to blame Syrian-Russian forces for civilian casualties across Syria. While it’s hard to expect any war without civilian casualties, the approach implemented by the mainstream media and its allies from the “Syrian moderate opposition” is shameless.

Now, pro-militant media accounts are spreading a fresh video (made by a media outlet known as “EMC”) that shows alleged results of Russian-Syrian airstrikes.


The video fails to show some real civilian casualties but includes some members of the so-called “White Helmets” (a Western-backed NGO operation across militant controlled areas in Syria) and a full track of dressed mannequins.

The low quality propaganda move has led to an outrage in the social media.


source and video