Terrorists Attacking Civilians Areas of Damascus

Hell raining down in beloved Damascus today as “rebel” terrorists attack civilian areas with mortars and exploding bullets.

What lovely “freedom and democracy” we’ve brought to beautiful, safe, secular Syria.

I’ve been very quiet online lately for a few reasons.

First because am crushingly busy working on some projects and plans.

And second, had to take a few days break as I was just so angry about so many things. Was talking with a dear friend and fellow true patriot the other day…both in despair after peeling back the layers of the onion of US foreign policy. There are very very few examples of us doing anything good…or even trying to

Growing up hurts.

Janice Kortkamp

US Hiring Mercenaries with $1,500 Daily Wages for War in Southern Yemen: Reports

Intelligence sources in Sana’a disclosed that the US has sent a large number of mercenaries it has hired on high wages to the Southern parts of Yemen to help the Saudi troops against the Yemeni forces there.

Blackwater Yemen 19b9e

“The US has dispatched American security mercenaries to Southern Yemen for further cooperation with the Saudi-led coalition,” a Yemeni intelligence source told FNA in Sana’a on Saturday.

The source noted that the US will pay each mercenary $1,500 per day, and said, “The mission of the US mercenaries is to commit crimes and hurt the Yemeni civilians in Yemen.”

He said that the mercenaries have been recruited from different parts of world.

The source also warned that the Saudi-led coalition intends to hire more Blackwater mercenaries after its recent defeats in Bab al-Mandeb operations and sustaining heavy losses.

In a relevant development on Thursday, at least eight Saudi mercenaries were killed after Yemeni forces clashed with Saudi-backed forces loyal to resigned fugitive president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi for the control of a strategic coastal city in Ta’iz province.

The clashes took place in the Red Sea port city of Mukha, when pro-Hadi forces backed by the Saudi air force began a major offensive on to recapture Mukha which overlooks the strategic Bab el-Mandeb Strait that connects the Red Sea to the Gulf of Aden from Ansarullah fighters.

Earlier on Wednesday, Yemeni troops also shot down a Saudi unmanned aerial vehicle in the northwestern province of Sa’ada.

A military source said the reconnaissance drone was struck while collecting information on the positions and movements of Yemeni forces and their allies in the Baqim district of the province.

Two high-ranking Saudi officers and several soldiers were killed when a powerful explosion ripped through their vehicle Northeast of the al-Hathera district in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern border region of Jizan.

Saudi military sources said Major Abdullah Bin Shaiban Hassan Hamdi was among those killed.

Separately, Saudi warplanes carried out four airstrikes in the Harad district and another in the Midi district in Yemen’s Northern province of Hajjah but there were no reports about possible casualties and the extent of damage.

Saudi jets also targeted Yemeni soldiers off the coast of the al-Khawkhah district in Hodaida Province, though no casualties were reported.

Furthermore, Saudi aircraft pounded the city of Sirwah, which lies about 120 kilometers East of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a.

The Saudi war on Yemen, which local sources say has killed at least 13,100 people, was launched in an attempt to bring back the former government to power and undermine the Ansarullah movement.

As you read this, Yemen is currently besieged by a Saudi-led ‘Coalition against terrorism’ which has so far spent most of its time dropping bombs on unarmed and innocent Yemeni civilians. The UN made clear last year that the number one cause of civilian deaths in Yemen was due to the Saudi-led coalition bombing of the country.This bombing campaign comes as a result of Saudi’s forceful attempt to bring their ally and exiled ex-president of Yemen, Mansur Al-Hadi, back into power after he was rejected by the General People’s Congress and 3 days later ousted from the Presidential palace by Yemeni revolutionaries back in late 2014. Forces loyal to Saudi Arabia & ex-president Hadi have mobilised a military offensive in the South and have succeeded in occupying major southern cities, including the large port city of Aden. These Saudi-backed pro-Hadi forces are made up of various factions including southern Yemen separatist militias, foreign Persian Gulf paid mercenaries, ex-army defectors, and most importantly radical Salafist fighters with loyalties to Al-Qaeda.


Update: French ISIS leader captured by Free Syrian Army near Al-Bab

This article has been updated for correction

A French ISIS leader who planned to attack sites in Europe has been captured by the Free Syrian Army near Al-Bab.

The terrorist Jonathan Jeffery, also known as Abu Ibrahim al-Faransi, was captured during the al-Bab operation and is a key member of the terrorist organization.

He is accused of planning operations that would devastate areas of Europe.

Jeffrey is also accused of recruiting Europeans to come to Syria to fight.

Abu Ibrahim al-Faransi, un émir militaire de l’, a été capturé par les forces turco-rebelles lors des batailles près d’al-Bab.



Donald Trump’s victory is a victory for ordinary, decent people against a corrupt establishment. It is a victory for peace against war and for cooperation over confrontation.

History has been made. Donald Trump has won and the establishment have lost. It is a remarkable victory for many reasons. It is a victory for a man who stood up to the pathological war party in Washington whose political leader was Hillary Clinton.

He stood up to globalist interests that clamour for a totally dishonest, fake free trade system which destroys the livelihoods of honest working people. It is a victory for decent, ordinary people who struggled against the corrupt monstrosity of a political establishment which is controlling more and more of their lives.

Most crucially, it is a victory against the media-industrial complex. Mainstream media did everything possible to rig the election in favour of Hillary Clinton. No lie was too obscene, now connection to the Clinton Foundation could run too deep, no vested special interests were too suspicious to be embraced, no amount of money changing hands between the Democrats and their obedient media servants was too great a sum.

CNN in particular have made a total disgrace of themselves. Watching the CNN on-air team trying to hide the news of Trump’s victory was a bit like watching a North Korean news broadcast in which reporters insist that a long dead Kim Jong-Il had just invented an inflatable hovercraft. At times it was surreal, at others it was simply irritating.

The attempted rigging of the election was orchestrated and executed first and foremost by a corrupt, lying, cheating media. Almost every pollster got it wrong, they underestimate the power of ordinary people and their legitimate concerns. The parallels to Brexit can no longer be ignored nor overstated. Like Brexit, Trump’s victory is manifestation of power standing up to a system that has systematically and consistently let them down.

No foreign power could, even if they wanted to, do as much damage to American democracy as did American mainstream media. They tried their best, yet the truth prevailed, Trump prevailed, the real America prevailed and hopefully peace in the wider world may prevail as a result.

There is much more work to be done. The swamp which Trump seeks to drain is deeper than perhaps even he can imagine. The deep state represents deep trouble and only through purging the corrupt, hawkish and ambitious elements from this swamp, can Trump truly be in a position to lead. Many proverbial heads will need to roll. Many arrests will have to be made.

The seriousness of the corruption warrants nothing less than such serious moves. New individuals who are ethical, intelligent, capable, energetic, peace loving, internationally minded and patriotic must fill the gaps. If a Trump victory is anything less than a mandate for a peaceful, democratic, legislative, policy and judicial revolution, then the victory will have been mostly hollow.

Many think that such a task is beyond the ability of one man. For most men this would likely be true. But Donald Trump has been continuously underestimated, both by his foes and his supporters. Everything Donald Trump said he would do, he has done, up to and including winning the presidential election against tremendous odds. What’s more, most of his predictions about his opponents have also been proved to be correct. They laughed at him from the start, but I can assure you that they are not laughing now.

I believe if anyone at this time in history can drain the swamp, Donald Trump can do it. Trump has prepared people to expect the unexpected, to believe that optimism in a sea of sorrow can help a wayward ship to find its way to placid waters. Trump has inspired the best in people at the worst of times. Today is not the day to doubt him.

Should Trump make the wrong moves, I personally will be his first and most ferocious opponent, even though I shall attempt to do so in a constructive rather than demeaning spirit. Many are saying that Trump will succumb to the swamp that is the deep state. I personally believe he won’t do, but I shall certainly be keeping my eyes open for any mis-steps.

For now though, the first battle in an important war has been won. Congratulations Donald Trump, congratulations, Mr. President.