IDF soldiers electrocute blindfolded Palestinian for fun, laugh while filming (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

IDF soldiers electrocute blindfolded Palestinian for fun, laugh while filming (GRAPHIC VIDEO)
One soldier from the Netzach Yehuda battalion has been sentenced to seven months in prison for his role in the abuse of a Palestinian detainee who was blindfolded and zapped with electrodes as soldiers laughed and filmed the abuse.

The military trial of four members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) centred on mobile phone footage showing soldiers laughing as a blindfolded Palestinian man is subjected to electric shocks with a medical device.

The incident was uncovered after authorities, suspicious of abusive treatment towards prisoners, confiscated one of the soldiers’ phones, report Mako.

Warning: the following video contains graphic content of a violent nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

The unnamed soldier will now spend seven months behind bars. He will, however, be allowed to keep his job and is set to be demoted to the rank of private.

IDF officials say they condemn the actions of those involved:  “The IDF sees in these extreme incidents a total violation and disregard of the IDF’s Code of Conduct and strongly condemns these actions. The court has not yet come to decisions regarding other suspects involved in these extreme incidents.”

The sentencing comes after an Israeli border police officer was filmed Sunday flipping a disabled Palestinian man’s wheelchair to the ground.

Are These the Moderate Terrorists You want to Give $500 million to Obama?


Dera’a province, these are the actions of the moderate rebels and their wives and children These are not ISIS or JAN Or the ‘bad alqaeda’. These are the ‘people’ that Obama wants to give $500 million dollars to. They make children stab tied up soldiers and beat them to death. The young man had no chance to defend himself. He dared to be patriotic to his country.


A Dying Boy Cries For His Mother

A boy is injured due to war in the south Damascus Syria and later dies from his injuries. He begs for his mother, and for treatment but is simply filmed.

The nefarious enemies of Syria continue to fuel the war. This is what they have done to our country. This was about destroying Syria, nothing more nothing less. Anyone who still believes otherwise is hopeless in naivety. Tell Obama his help is killing us. He gives the insurgency enough rope to put civilian lives in danger with.