Breaking: Infamous terrorist leader arrested near Syrian border

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BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:00 A.M.) – Minutes ago, the Lebanese Army announced that their intelligence forces apprehended the infamous terrorist leader, Mustafa Al-Hujairi, inside the city of ‘Arsal near the Syrian border.

Also known as “Abu Taqiyah,” Hujairi was known as a close associate of the Al-Qaeda linked Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorist organization and reportedly helped them kidnap nearly 30 Lebanese soldiers and police officers in 2014.

Hujairi’s arrest comes just days after the Lebanese Army launched a campaign to crackdown down on corruption and terrorists across the country.

In addition to Hujairi’s arrest, the Lebanese Army also detained several other suspected terrorists operating in the ‘Arsal Municipality today.


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White Helmets Exposed as Extremists: 65 Facebook profiles of Their Members.

Friends of Syria

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

by Jason Jones

The Syrian Civil Defense was founded in 2013 with the stated goal of rescuing victims of Syrian Government airstrikes. The members of this organization are known as “White Helmets.” The Syrian Civil Defense is said to be impartial with no connections to rebel groups, let alone extremist groups. The White Helmets have been lauded by US media as heros and have been used to demonize the Syrian Government. This campaign has been incredibly effective, with the White Helmets being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, and a documentary about them winning an Oscar.

Evidence has emerged in the past that has all but proven that the White Helmets have connections to extremist groups. Despite this, western media continues to discount this evidence and call anyone sharing it a conspiracy theorist. News outlets that have called this a conspiracy in 2017 alone include the New York Times, Huffington Post, Business Insider…

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The United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia Created and Funded ISIS

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“Western-backed militants are in retreat, Bashar al-Assad remains president, Hezbollah has stretched its wings regionally, Israeli power is in decline, and Iran is on the rise. Not a pretty result for Washington’s multi-billion dollar investment in the Syrian conflict, especially if it was intended to change the map of the region to favour U.S. interests.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

Mark Dankof nailed it again. In his recent interview with Press TV, he said unflinchingly:

The CIA needs to spend more time investigating terrorists and a lot less time recruiting them and financing them. The United States and Israel, and secondarily Saudi Arabia, have created the very monsters that they are decrying.”

This is just brute facts, and no reputable or serious scholar would put his credibility on the line denying this. (I am excluding the Neoconservative ideologues and New World Order agents here because…

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Saudi Arabia To Behead 6 School Girls For Being With Their Male Friends Without Parents Or A Guardian

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Western countries are being urged to intervene in a case where 6 young school girls facing execution for acting indecently at a friends house.

Fathima Al Kwaini and her friends that included three male friends have celebrated Kwaini’s birthday at a friends house. A neighbour supposedly an assistant of an Imam of a mosque close by has reported this to Saudi Arabia’s religious police. When the police arrived the girls were dancing with their male friends and they were arrested immediately.

saudi women to be beheaded for indecency

The ultra conservative Arabian nation that has one of the worst human rights records is also a member of the United Nations Human Rights commission and recently got elected to the Women’s Rights Commission as well which sparked anger and protest.
According to HRW  the girls were  detained for more than a year  before the trial and never confessed committing any crime. However the verdict of the “male only” Sharia panel was that they need o be executed…

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Massacre that stained ANZAC troops in Palestine 1918

History“Moral complexity”… Light Horse soldiers after making a capture near Beersheba. Photo: Courtesy of Australian War Memorial By Tim Elliott • Sydney Morning Herald EARLY one night in December 1918, just after the end of World War I, about 200 Anzac troops, including some from the famed Australian Light Horse, surrounded the Bedouin village of Surafend, in... Continue Reading →

Washington Forbids Serbia From De-Mining Syria – OpEd

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This may be one of the cruelest and most cynical moves of Washington in its entire dark “regime change Syria” chapter.

Serbian media sources are reporting, based on quotes from US Embassy Belgrade personnel, that the United States has sought and been given assurances by the Serbian government and military that Serbian de-mining experts will not be deploying to Syria to assist in removing the ubiquitous horrific mines and other explosive devices left behind by a retreating ISIS.

As the rout of ISIS forces continues in Syria, the civilian population begins returning to their homes and their lives that had been disrupted by the Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and other extremist groups. According to the United Nations, more than 600,000 Syrians have returned to areas liberated by the Syrian government with the assistance of Russia and Iranian forces.

But that…

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Houston Suburb Won’t Give Hurricane Relief To BDS Supporters

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A Houston suburb will not approve grants to repair homes or businesses damaged in Hurricane Harvey if the applicant supports boycotting Israel.

The city of Dickinson’s application form for storm damage repair funding includes a clause stating that “By executing this Agreement below, the Applicant verifies that the Applicant: (1) does not boycott Israel; and (2) will not boycott Israel during the term of this Agreement.”

No other clauses about political affiliations or beliefs are included in the form.

The state of Texas passed a law in May banning state entities from contracting with businesses that boycott Israel. The law, one of 21 passed in states around the country…

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