Impose Financial and Military Sanctions on Israel for War Crimes

When will the United Nations apply international laws against israel? When will the same law makers who readily impose financial and military sanctions on African, Arab and Asian Nations without thought - do the same to israel? Why are these laws and sanctions applied? Why are you blind when it comes to israels ethnic cleansing... Continue Reading →

US Hiring Mercenaries with $1,500 Daily Wages for War in Southern Yemen: Reports

Intelligence sources in Sana'a disclosed that the US has sent a large number of mercenaries it has hired on high wages to the Southern parts of Yemen to help the Saudi troops against the Yemeni forces there. "The US has dispatched American security mercenaries to Southern Yemen for further cooperation with the Saudi-led coalition," a... Continue Reading →

Update: French ISIS leader captured by Free Syrian Army near Al-Bab

by Paul Antonopoulos This article has been updated for correction A French ISIS leader who planned to attack sites in Europe has been captured by the Free Syrian Army near Al-Bab. The terrorist Jonathan Jeffery, also known as Abu Ibrahim al-Faransi, was captured during the al-Bab operation and is a key member of the terrorist organization.... Continue Reading →

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