Americans are living in La La Land


Today when Rubio was questioning Rex Tillerson, he accused Russia of killing 300,00 in Syria and still accused Russia of bombing hospitals and civilians in Aleppo, which has been proven to be a lie. He was calling Putin a war criminal for killing Syrian civilians; of course they cut this bit out on the mainstream media.

How on earth can anybody accuse Russia of killing the Syrians, when Russia intervened to defend them. The blood is on the hands of the US of the 300,000 dead Syrians.

The US is totally out of touch with with rest of the world and they wonder why the rest of the world calls Americans stupid, when they are being fed this shit from their leaders.

Americans have no idea what is going on outside their country, when they are being told a constant stream of lies.

Only those Americans who are brave enough to venture outside of La La Land, realise how the world dislikes them and how their government lies to them.



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