Italy warns against Muhaxheri – World terrorist wanted to come to Europe

One of the leading generals of the "Islamic State," the terrorist of the world, Muhaxheri, is said to have come to Europe with up to 400 supporters of Syria. Italian security authorities warn that they are spending as refugees. Interpol is also looking for Lavdrim Muhaxheri, a leading general of the "Islamic State", who is... Continue Reading →


L’Espresso: Lavdrim executioner return to Kosovo Muhaxheri own 400-ti

ISIS defeat in war zones and wrinkles terrorists are pushing foreign fighters to return and change their targets. Old Continent seek to strike at the heart, according to statements and strategies made public through the networks of the leaders of the Islamic State, after heavy losses suffered in recent months.  Many jihadists are Balkan convert.... Continue Reading →

Jihadist commander who used 12 year old daughter as suicide bomber killed in rural Damascus

Friends of Syria

BEIRUT, LEBANON (11:40 P.M.) – The jihadist commander who sent his 12 year old daughter on a suicide bombing mission in the Syrian capital of Damascus this past week was reportedly killed by his own fighters in the Tishreen area.

The terrorist, “Abu Nimr”, was responsible for several murders and kidnappings in rural Damascus before he was killed on Sunday.

Abu Nimr received nationwide attention recently after he posted a video with his 12 year old daughter, as she was preparing to detonate her explosives in a government area.


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