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  1. Power to the Syrian women. I signed the petition for peace in Syria but I feel it’ll get harder particularly as Britain is taking so called lone Syrian children from Calais. They will be indoctrinated and brought up to condemn their government and be forced to return home at 18 or in their 20s if they go to university, with a false impression of what actually happened in their country. To me this is the effect the war was designed to have, Britain does it all the time. I’ll say again its not America you should be appealing to but rather Britain. If Trump is elected then there’s chance of a civil war in America and the cracks will begin to show in the notion of who controls what. I believe his intent is to begin dismantling the US as it is too bigger an economic bloc. Simultaneously Britain will break up the EU, but this will be by subterfuge, e.g. by kicking and screaming for good financial deals that will make the other nations want to leave to even the score.


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