Gaddafi The Truth About Libya- Documentary

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The US succeeded in Libya and thought Syria would be a pushover by using the same tactics. Watch the video and see the same lies, that they are using in Syria today.

Hillary Clinton admitted to killing Gaddafi when she said we “Came we saw, he died“. She should be tried for the murder of him. If a leader from another country went to the US and killed your President, I am sure that leader would be charged with murder. It is time that the US government that has committed all these crimes against humanity and murder are brought to trial.


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  1. Its a good documentary and all the reasons for the break up of Libya are correct but have existed for decades.The idea of gold bars or an alternative currency is interesting and would have been a thorn in the side of British controlled capitalism but the Colonel like Saddam Hussain, former president of Iraq had been giving money to other state socialist Arab and African states since the 1970s, without an alternative currency and more importantly providing employment for the poor. This in itself was furthering and funding alternatives to western capitalism.
    The Gulf states and the other Amirates just have different agendas, which are more conducive to the maintenance of the existing monopoly game and a single market.
    After the Berlin wall fell all other socialist countries had to go and restructuring began. Britain built up support among Muslims in eastern Europe, in the frormer Soviet states and in Yugoslavia and those ”liberated” people are now helping along the process of maintaining the western momentum. It amuses me the way people talk about reversing the Picot Sykes agreement in the Levant, when it was Arab and Turkish nationalism, that ensured separate states. The Khalifa had long gone because the Ottoman empire grew too plural and secular.
    It’s also an anomaly when the west back an Israeli ”state” and a separate Kurdish region (at least they pretend to), in Northern Iraq and at the same time partially back the Khalifa (that may be bombed now) in Raqqa, Syria where the battle took place, which consolidated the Sunni Shia succession split. They’d all be hard pressed to find a Khalif or successor to the Prophet now as they’ve failed to do so in the past.
    Anyway talk about making it up as you go along,that is a phenomena, that Britain is expert at.


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