Is “ISIS” hq U.S. actually “DynCorp” ??

Friends of Syria

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Update April 25, 2015.  HA !!  Look at that !!  “ISIS hq” has changed their company logo to “SIS” !!  But they’ve kept much of the other text throughout the website as “ISIS” … because they really think we’re idiots and can’t read !!  Those clowns in Langley Virginia who create these bogus websites couldn’t produce an independent thought if their lives depended on it. It’s all about “chain of command” and nobody taking responsibility for anything.

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That’s the basic mo. for a Corporation… eg: The United States Corporation (1871) aka The United States of America. ie: “You are not liable for anything.”

I detract… On with the article… And here’s the link to “SIS hq” as it now stands.
It’s a pity you can’t change a URL, right?  😛  Clowns !!

You’ll find a complete copy of the ISIS hq website as it appeared in September…

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