Obama’s ‘Moderate’ Free Syrian Army Terrorists

Friends of Syria

All Americans are Guilty for allowing their taxes to be spent killing others.

Graphic. Another example of the barbaric treatment the captured members of Syrian government forces receive at the hands of the USUKF backed_Jabhat alNusrae LED “moderate” terrorists in Idlib!!.. One of the terrorists can be heard telling the “Sunni” Syrian pilot “Yussef Wahid alNajjar” whose helicopter crashed, on Sunday; You will wish you were dead!!!..

Article III of the “Code of Conduct” signed by the “moderate” FSA groups in August, 2012: “Any person who takes up arms in the name of the regime, regardless of their rank, should be arrested and remain in the custody of the Free Syrian Army. In the event that an individual is arrested, and it is determined that the individual was working for the regime, voluntarily or for payment, to supply information about revolutionary activists, that individual shall be considered a prisoner…

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