The British Independent Newspaper is Now a Mouthpiece for The Terrorist Groups

Friends of Syria

The British Independent Newspaper has become a mouthpiece for the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights, aka Rami Abdul Rahman  the spokesperson for FSA/ISIS.

LiveLeak-dot-com-94ccba43d7ce-image.jpg.resized Rahman working from his flat in Coventry

Abdul  Rahman is a well known propagandist for the FSA since the start of the war in Syria. Over the last four years he has been spreading stories in the media, about events, before they have even happened. He spreads lies about the Syrian Government, and calls for foreign intervention by lying and by doing this is the responsible for the large numbers of British Jihadists travelling to Syria.

Despite this the Independent newspaper is still spreading his lies about the situation in Syria and he is still calling for intervention to overthrow the government. It is amazing that this man has not been locked up for inciting war and recruiting terrorists, instead of the British Government spreading his…

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