UN: Turkey Uses Main Road to Arm Terrorists in Iraq & Syria

Friends of Syria

01 January 2015, Thursday

UN says Turkey is being used as a main route for smuggling of weapons to terrorist groups operating in Iraq and Syria.

Militant groups such as the Front ISIL-al-Rahat, branch of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria have smuggled weapons and equipment mainly from roads passing through Turkey, according to a report published Tuesday by the Analytical Support and Implementation Sanctions Monitoring Team.

They have seized some of their weapons by the armed forces of Iraq, or (in a lesser extent) from the Syrian Arab Republic, the report added.

Senior officials of Iraqi and Syrian have repeatedly criticized Turkey for links with militants, including Turkey’s involvement in the purchase of oil from the ISIL-al-Nusrat Front.

ISIL’s militants control a number of oil fields in Syria and Iraq, and they smuggle the oil through overland routes through trucks, through intermediaries in Turkey or in terms of other countries…

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