Bulgaria Imam Charged With Terrorism Incitement

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Bulgarian prosecutors have charged a Muslim religious leader and six others with spreading war propaganda for the Islamic State group.

Deputy Prosecutor General Borislav Sarafov told reporters Wednesday that six men and one woman, including an imam named Ahmed Mussa, were charged with preaching the anti-democratic ideology of the Islamic State group.

Sarafov said they are believed to have operated as an organized criminal group led by the imam, who allegedly had preached surrounded by the Islamic State flags urging his followers to be prepared to fight against Christianity.

Police operations in several cities uncovered a large number of shirts and banners with the logo of the Islamic State. Investigators also found evidence that the detainees helped western Europeans on their way to join the Islamic State group.


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ISIS Suffers Heavy Casualties in Deir Ezzor; Syrian Army Destroys 2 Tunnels

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The Syrian Arab Army’s 104th Airborne Brigade of the Republican Guard has killed over 120 Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham (ISIS) militants since Wednesday on Sakr Island (Hajeewa Sakr) in the Deir Ezzor Governorate. The 104th Brigade has taken control of most of the island, with 90 percent of the territory now under their helm since the capture of a strategic checkpoint earlier this week. ISIS has been unable to reinforce their entrenched fighters in the northern part of Sakr Island as the 104th Brigade has control over the two imperative suspension bridges linking the island to the mainland.

Identified ISIS fighters killed since Wednesday:

1. Hassan Mohammad As’ad (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
2. Shamir Bassaam (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
3. Yasseen Basheer (Syrian from Deir Ezzor)
4. Raghab Ahmad ‘Ali (Syrian from Ar-Raqqa)
5. Lu’ayy ‘Uthman (Syrian)
6. Khaldoun Rafeeq (Syrian)

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Syrian Army at the Gates of Khan Sheikhoun; Offensive in Al-Amariyya in Full Swing

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The Syrian Arab Army’s offensive in southern Aleppo (at Al-‘Amariyya) is in full swing after bombarding Islamic Front (Jabhat Al-Islamiyya) positions near the Sheikh Sa’eed District. Earlier today, the SAA, backed by the National Defense Forces (NDF), captured the surrounding farms (Mazra’a Al-‘Amariyya) in northern Al-‘Amariyya, killing scores of Islamic Front fighters and destroying two vehicles loaded with doshkas. The SAA will attempt to capture Al-‘Amariyya in order to open a new supply route to troops entrenched in Aleppo.

Yesterday, as of 10:30 P.M. Damascus Time, the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) 11th Tank Division is approximately 400 meters from the entrance to the imperative village of Khan Sheikhoun in the Idlib Governorate. The success in Hama has rebirthed the SAA’s presence in southern Idlib – an area they were forced to retreat from in May of 2014.

Elsewhere, the SAA killed scores of…

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