Terrorist Confessions


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  1. Who encouraged these people to go in the first place? Britain and its propagating machine. I’ve written to the government since the arrest of Muezzim Begg requesting they confiscate the passports of the mercenaries as soon as they suspect them. They knew Mr Begg was going to Syria so I can only assume they have a good idea when others are going.
    We’ve ended up with a young woman held up as an example and expecting a possible 14 year sentence and her friend acquitted, no doubt, for pragmatism.
    Just hope this does not end with the bombing of Syria by Britain and boot boy, could well be heading that way, though they are probably scared of Russia and Iran.
    Yeah Al Jazeera not my favourite channel either, presume it’s an offshoot of the station, which began in Saudi in 1990, during the 2nd Gulf war. Anyway it always favours the ”backward ” countries, a popular saying with a really old friend of mine and the West of course.


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