Terrorist Will Shoot Down Any Plane – They don’t Care

Our skies will never be safe while the US keeps arming and training terrorists

In the first video the terrorists are trying to shoot at a passenger airliner. The others there are telling them that it is a passenger plane, but the decide to fire at it anyway. One of them says their orders are to shoot down all aircraft. Luckily they didn’t succeed.

This terrorists from all over the world are learning to down aircrafts and they will take this knowledge back to their own countries. In a few years time none of us will feel safe flying.

The US continues to give these weapons to these butchers.


One thought on “Terrorist Will Shoot Down Any Plane – They don’t Care

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  1. allah, allahoa, allahore, or how you call this shit, nevermind – this thing doesn’t exist and you are a morons …
    assad is right – you are a bunch of idiots not ready to be free – born as slaves to be slaves

    allah, allahoa, allahure oder wie auch immer heisst die scheisse – es existiert nicht und ihr seid deppen …
    assad hat recht – ihr seid idioten, die nicht bereit für die freicheit sind – geboren als slaves und slaves die ganze leben zu sein


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