AFP issues arrest warrants for Australian Islamic State fighters Mohamed Elomar, Khaled Sharrouf, after gruesome beheading photographs published online

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Updated Tue 29 Jul 2014, 6:59pm AEST

Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar PHOTO: (L to R) Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar(Supplied) MAP: Syrian Arab Republic

The Australian Federal Police has issued arrest warrants for the two most prominent Australians fighting for a banned terrorist group in Syria and Iraq, following the publication several days ago of gruesome photos of one of them brandishing severed heads.

There is deepening concern among intelligence agencies about the potential for the bloody Syrian and Iraqi civil wars to spill over onto Australia’s shores, with Attorney-General George Brandis saying the threat presented by returning Islamist fighters is the greatest threat to Australian security in years.

The ABC’s 7.30 program can reveal that the AFP has issued warrants seeking the immediate arrest of Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar for terrorism offences if they return to Australia.

The two Sydney men travelled to Syria and then Iraq late last year and joined…

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Israel Massacres Children

In the massacre of insanity of humanity, the Israeli army killed ” today ” more than 17 women and 20 children, and 10 men elderly, and more than 13 men and teenagers small age, we population in the ‪‎Gaza‬ Strip are still not believe the magnitude of the tragedy, and the size of the massacre, the great, and surprised a lot silence of the international, Arab‬and ‪‎Islamic‬ direction of what gets us in Gaza, and how this allows the world to the ‪‎Zionist‬ state of “Israel” to do all these massacres without impunity.


Terrorist Will Shoot Down Any Plane – They don’t Care

Our skies will never be safe while the US keeps arming and training terrorists

In the first video the terrorists are trying to shoot at a passenger airliner. The others there are telling them that it is a passenger plane, but the decide to fire at it anyway. One of them says their orders are to shoot down all aircraft. Luckily they didn’t succeed.

This terrorists from all over the world are learning to down aircrafts and they will take this knowledge back to their own countries. In a few years time none of us will feel safe flying.

The US continues to give these weapons to these butchers.

Repentant jihadist: They are defile Islam!

Friends of Syria

A French citizen has confessed to have been recruited for jihad, who has brain washed in France, for whom he fought in Syria and what were the actions of jihadists, who did not understand where they are confused.

It aims to warn candidates what awaits jihad.

“Those people there are defile Islam”. These words are a 20-year-old, whom we decided to call Munir, who had gone to do jihad in Syria.

Once back in Roubaix, his native city, in the north of France, he has agreed to tell the whole story detailing his concerns with his holy war, from recruitment to return home.

His testimony was published in the newspaper “La Voix du Nord”. Through her, the young man wants warn peers, who think to go for jihad, or anyone who is trying persuade.

Everything started in Roubaix. There is recruited by preachers, “without the knowledge of families, the mosques and the state.” “I…

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British ISIS Islamist fighter threatens executions in Trafalgar Square

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British extremist Abu Rahin Aziz believed to be using the alias Abu Dugma al-Britani used Twitter to threaten that the Islamic State would capture Downing Street and hold executions in Trafalgar Square.


A Brit fighting in Syria has vowed to bring terror to the UK – and stage public executions in London’s Trafalgar Square, the Sunday People reports.

Using the name Abu Dugma al-Britani, the fanatic has issued a series of chilling online vows to wage “holy” war on home soil.

The father-of-one, who claims to be fighting for ISIS , used Twitter to warn: “Downing Street will be a base for Muslims. Trafalgar Square is where public executions will take place. Army of Islamic State is coming.”

He bragged extremist forces were set to “conquer” America’s White House.

He demanded the release of jailed “Muslim brothers and sisters” in Britain.

And he warned David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa…

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Australian jihadists threaten soldiers over Twitter

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Mohammed Elomar. Photo: Facebook Mohammed Elomar. Photo: Facebook

Australian Islamic extremists fighting in Iraq and Syria have again issued threats over social media.

Australian jihadists Mohamed Elomar and Khaled Sharrouf took aim at Australian soldiers serving in the middle East, Fairfax Media reported.

Elomar, a former boxer from Sydney, tweeted a photo of an Iraqi soldier apparently held hostage and beaten prior to execution. The caption read: “Look at the end of these Iraqi maliki dogs bunch of girls can’t wait to see a Australia soldier crying [sic] saying bakia.”

According to the report, ‘bakia’ means ‘he cries’ in Arabic and ‘maliki’ is used to describe the Shiite-led Nouri al-Maliki government.

Sharrouf responded to the tweet: “Allah… says ‘kill them where ever you find them’… terrorise the enemies of Allah.”

These threats come just days after the Australian Government expressed concern over the number of Australians who travel…

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