List of the Murder Victims in Odessa

Official list of the people that were murdered by the super cool pro-European Maidanites in Odessa. (share it) The list is just the official. We know that there are more people that were killed.


We need lawyers able to promote legal actions against the criminals that burnt this people alive. We will not forget, we will not forgive. Rest is peace all of you.

1.Biryukov Andrey Vasilyievich, born 1978 – was shot.
2.Julkov Alexandr Yurievich – was shot.
3.Yavorskiy Nickolay Anatolyievich, was shot.
Petrov Gennadiy Igorevich, born 1985 – was shot.
5.Brajevskiy Andrey Gennadievich, born 1987 – falling from height.
6. P. Vadim Vadimovich, born 1996 – falling from height.
7. Zayatz Igor Leonidovich, born 1968 – falling from height.
8. Kusch Ruslan Olegovich, born 1984 – falling from height.
9.Varenikina Anna Anatolyievna, born 1955 – gas poisoning.
10.Kalin Anatoliy Andreevich, born 1976 – gas poisoning.
11.Nikitenko Maxim Alekseevich, born 1964 – falling from height.
12. Ostotjnyuk Igor Evgenyievich, born 1964 – faling from height.
13. Bullakh Victor Dalkhakovich, born 1986 – falling from height.
14.Ivanov Igor Vladimirovich, born 1986 – was shot.
15. Markin Vyacheslav Vladimirovitch, born 1969 – falling from height.
16. Negaturov Vadim Vitalyievich, born 1959 – died from burns.
17. Gnatenko Yevgeniy Nickolayevich, born 1952 – gas poisoning.
18.Poluyakh Alla Anatoylievna, born 1962 – gas poisoning.
19.Yakovenko Irina Vladimirovna, born 1959 – gas poisoning.
20. Kushnaryov Gennadiy Alexandrovich, born 1975 – gas poisoning.
21. Mishin Sergey Sergeevich, born 1985 – gas poisoning.
22. Pikalova Svetlana Valeryievna, born 1981 – gas poisoning.
23.Kovriga Nickolay Sergeevich, born 1984 – gas poisoning.
24. Sadovnichiy Alexandr Kuzmich, born 1954 – gas poisoning.
25.Brigar Vladimir Anatolyievich, born 1984 – gas poisoning.
26.Nickityuk Dmitriy Igorevich, born 1974 – gas poisoning.
27.Mitchik Yevgeniy Vasilyievich, born 1983 – gas poisoning.
28.Stepanov Vicktor Vasilyievich, born 1948 – gas poisoning.
29. Kostyuhin Sergey Nikolayievich, born 1967 – gas poisoning.
30. Novitzkiy Vladimir Mikhaylovich, born 1944 – gas poisoning.
31. Polevoy Viktor Pavlovich, born 1966 – gas poisoning.
32. Bejanitzkaya Kristina Alezandrovna, born 1992 – gas poisoning.
33. Lomakina Nina Ivanovna, born 1953 – gas poisoning.
34. Kononov Alexandr Vladislavovich, born 1959 – gas poisoning.
35.Gnatenko Andrey Nikolayevich, born 1989 – gas poisoning.
36.Balaban Alexey Semyonovich, born 1982 – gas poisoning.

Source Wikileaks Party


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