War Crimes of the Obama Backed Opposition

Friends of Syria

Syrian Arab Army soldiers were decapitated and dragged through  the streets. 

A new war crime was committed by these terrorists against the army in the Kaminas village in the province of Idleb.

7 regular soldiers had been taken prisoner during an assault launched last Wednesday (April 16) by the Government army against the village occupied by the militia of the Group Jound al-Aqsa.

According to the Syrian site al-Hadath News, all were beheaded and their bodies were dragged through the streets of this village. Subsequently the militia have cut their bodies into pieces and played football with their heads.

An ASL opposition leader quoted by the website of the Qatar‬ satellite TV had reported under cover of anonymity that five soldiers were taken prisoner, but did not mention their fate. In Idleb, this militia fighting alongside that of Jaich al-cham, and Ahrar al-Cham, both very close to Al-‪‎

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