British/Pakistani Terrorist Killed in Syria

As the BBC show sympathy for this British/Pakistani Terrorist who was killed in Syria last week, we can throw a light on who this man really is.


His name is Abdullah Deghayes, after they confirmed his descent into the bowels of Hell last week. He is the nephew of a Guantanamo Concentration Camp detainee, Omar Deghayes, who was arrested while molesting little boys in Peshawar, Pakistan in 2002. We are seeing so many terrorists fighting who were once detained in Guantanamo and then freed.

Abdullah was due to start College in Brighton, but instead the family tradition of terrorism. Britain should be thankful that he was killed by the Syrian Arab Army in Syria, because his whole family are danger to Britain.

Hundreds of Britons are fighting in Syria, with most of them having Pakistani origin. There should be a new law that deports the whole family of immigrants who fight for Jihad.




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  1. I don’t believe Britain is ”concerned” about the boy killed in Syria but he is a British citizen, so they have to be seen to take an interest in the situation. Their interest in his welfare serves also as a platitude to the Muslim electorate, many of whom, unfortunately, are inclined to Islamic radicalism, if you have noticed the government are not as generous in their support for Abu Hamza, who is on trial in America now.
    Islamic radicalism does appear to be on the increase in Britain, though is unlikely to present much of a problem here, as the British ruling class is manipulative and well able to look after itself. Unfortunately for Syria, The Assad’s support for Russia is a problem for the British government, or at least according to one coalition member, who is my MP and a liberal (his sentiments were expressed long before the situation in the Crimea arose).
    I have a serious suspicion that Britain is behind the uprising in Syria and possibly financing it (they are very pally with the regime in Qatar, the up and coming Emirate, which controls immense wealth in the Arab world). I’m absolutely certain it knew about the activities of Mr. Begg, another ex detainee at Guantanamo Bay.
    Unlike Mr Begg, who was interned for fighting the British in his own country (I assume that, as he speaks Pashto), Abdullah Deghayes is Libyan, which is strange as the overthrow of state socialism in Libya appeared to be instigated by the monarchy, which is more Sufi and has a different philosophy to the Wahabiiz. Perhaps it is why the Deghayes family continue to live in Britain.
    The overthrow of state socialism in Iraq seems to have unleashed a huge wave of fundamentalism, mainly Shia, that in its turn is a threat to Sunni fundamentalism and may lead to an all out war between them. Britain knows full well that when people are divided they can be manipulated. The colonisation of the north of Iraq has given the west access to territory, from where they can threaten Russia more successively. A return to the old days (pre 1914,1918 war?)
    To add to the mix the colonisation of Syria by so many Muslim peoples is an indication that the Ottoman empire is re-emerging. That is the essence of my blog, which begins in the 1700s when international trading seemingly came into its own in the west.


    1. It is Syria that has the support of Russia, not the other way round. If Russia did not stand up for the truth in Syria from the beginning, the USA would have invaded 3 years ago. Syria has everything to be thankful for, for the support of Putin. Britain is supporting the terrorists in Syria, that has already been admitted by William Hague right from the beginning of the war, which is in the millions. The problem for the British Government is that it jumps when the USA tell them to. The USA make wars and expect Britain to go along with it, but unlike the USA it can be voted against. A lot of Americans have told us that they would rather have Putin and a President, than Obama. Putin the peacemaker rather than Obama and in Britain, people are increasing telling us that for years they have been told that Russia was the bad guys only to find out it is really the USA.


      1. I’m really glad you answered, I only found it by accidentally pressing a strange icon on my blog.
        I don’t disagree, that Russia supports Syria, but trust me, my government thinks President Assad supports Russia, hands down. Got the letters from my MP to prove it. They are using it as part of the excuse to break up Syria and as you say Russia has been the ”bogeyman” for decades and even centuries.
        I remember Iraq and for the first year of the invasion of Syria, I held my breath, as to whether Russia would renege but it hasn’t. (I have a serious trust issues with big powers).
        It is a bit unfair to compare the situation to Iraq, as Russia was restructuring economically in 2003 and in 1990 (gulf war), the Berlin wall had just fallen. They lost out on loads of Iraqi oil revenue too. Thankfully Britain and its cohorts didn’t beat Russia down and it’s strong again.
        Fingers crossed those bastards, who were removed from Syria the other day, stay out but I am gonna keep on campaigning. I’m in a huge wrangle with the local council, the government and with the mosque, with regard to the question of ”sending” mercenaries to Syria and I’m gonna keep it up.
        The trotskyists in Britain are backing the invaders, the anarchists are fence sitting. Its the Stalinists and a huge number of ordinary people, who support Syria not to be invaded; I am surprised at how many do.
        I know America is obvious but never underestimate Britain. Plenty of people have to their detriment.


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