A Plea to the World from a Turkish Citizen

Friends of Syria


Now , I am writing this email and I am not quite sure if we will have internet connection in Turkey tomorrow. Every morning I wake up feeling sick . My stomach hurts when I watch the news. I feel like living in a fantastic horror movie. 

Erdoğan government has long been violating our basic human rights. He has created a police-state, controlled the media, violated our reproductive rights… He imprisoned opposing voices and kept behind bars without a proper trial. He threatens, punishes and silences every opposing voice. Our right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion is violated through religious fascism.

Even, Central Council of Turkish Medical Association felt the need to publish a press release on his mental state. (http://www.ttb.org.tr/index.php/Haberler/basbakan-4447.html )

Now, he is almost about to declare a war to Syria just to create conflict and benefit the unrest. You should all know that “Turkey…

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