A Plea to the World from a Turkish Citizen

Friends of Syria


Now , I am writing this email and I am not quite sure if we will have internet connection in Turkey tomorrow. Every morning I wake up feeling sick . My stomach hurts when I watch the news. I feel like living in a fantastic horror movie. 

Erdoğan government has long been violating our basic human rights. He has created a police-state, controlled the media, violated our reproductive rights… He imprisoned opposing voices and kept behind bars without a proper trial. He threatens, punishes and silences every opposing voice. Our right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion is violated through religious fascism.

Even, Central Council of Turkish Medical Association felt the need to publish a press release on his mental state. (http://www.ttb.org.tr/index.php/Haberler/basbakan-4447.html )

Now, he is almost about to declare a war to Syria just to create conflict and benefit the unrest. You should all know that “Turkey…

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Organ Trafficking adds up to Syrians’ Misery, Children Common Victims

Friends of Syria

Syrian people, suffering a harsh living condition under the massive foreign-charged war in their country, marked with extremism, severe shortage of basic needs, rights abuses and insecurity, are now dealing with organ traffickers who are slicing off their own share from the unfortunate Syrian families.

Syrian children are seen at a make-shift refugee camp some kilometers away from the Syria-Turkey border on April 23, 2013. Syrian children are seen at a make-shift refugee camp some kilometers away from the Syria-Turkey border on April 23, 2013.

Head of the forensic pathology department of the Damascus University, Hossain Noufel, told the Syrian al-Watan daily that, more than 18 thousand organ trafficking cases have been recorded in northern side of the country where extremist militant groups have been more active.

Most of the victims are children, he said.

Noufel said the same problem exists in the refugee camps inside Turkey, adding that more than 100,000 Syrian children are endangered by the same threat.

He said the camps are not properly supervised by the…

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The Euro-Mid: Israeli army increases detentions of Palestinian children by 80%

Geneva- A report issued on March 17th  by the Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights points out that  the Israeli forces have detained 740 Palestinian children during the first two months of 2014, 465 of them remained in custody for at least one week. The Euro-Mid Observer, an independent human rights organization based in Geneva, states that... Continue Reading →

Terrorist is Being Charged with Funding Terrorism in Britain

Friends of Syria

What hypocrites the British government are, for funding terrorists, who are trained  and armed in Turkey and paid to kill. This same government is now charging a terrorist for funding terrorism. The terrorists they are charging, are probably being paid by the very same government, who are charging them.

Well here are a few more you can charge with funding Terrorism.

William Hague

William Hague shown with Terrorist Oppostion Leader William Hague shown with Terrorist Oppostion Leader

William Hague has given many speeches talking about funding the terrorist oppostion. He always makes a point of saying it is non-lethal and will go to the un-armed rebels. Well Mr. Hague there are no un-armed rebels fighting in this war. They are all armed and you are funding them.

The latest leader of the opposition is an ex con, drug dealer and terrorist leader, who the US picked to take over Syria. They were scraping the barrel when they…

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