20 Belgian Terrorists Killed 180 Left to Travel Home

BRUSSELS – More than 20 of the 200 or so Belgian Islamists who have left for Syria to fight Syrian govvernment have been killed, Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said Monday.


“More than 200 people have been clearly identified or are being identified… Most have joined the most extremist groups, including the Islamic State of Iraq and the al-Sham [ISIS],” an Al-Qaeda-linked group, Reynders said in a newspaper interview.

“More than 20 have already died in Syria,” he told the daily La Libre Belgique newspaper

Reynders also reiterated growing concerns among governments across Europe over “how to keep track of these jihadists to see whether they are dangerous once they return here or elsewhere.”

“Not only will they be more radicalized in their commitment but also [acquire] techniques and experience enabling them to do almost anything,” he added.

Belgium has been working on the problem with France, which believes some 400 youngsters have left to fight with extremist Islamist groups.



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