Child exploitation by ISIL terror group in Syria war

The notorious al-Qaeda-linked terrorist group called Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has lately released a video footage of a young child proclaiming membership in the radical militant gang, raising suspicions that the terror group is also engaged in child abuse practices. The short footage shows an ISIL element asking the 3-year-old child,... Continue Reading →

At Least 11 Danish Terrorists Killed in Syria

Friends of Syria

At least eleven of the 90 people who have travelled from Denmark to Syria since the summer of 2012 to fight with terrorist groups seeking to topple President Bashar al-Assad are believed to have been killed, the Danish security service said on Friday.

“We have not previously seen so many people from Denmark who have travelled to a conflict area during such a short period of time,” said Jens Madsen, head of the security service PET.

Most were young men who were members of criminal gangs or extremist groups, the Centre for Terror Analysis (CTA) said in a report commissioned by PET.

Militants who return to Denmark were believed to play a role in recruiting new volunteers to join foreign backed terrorist groups in Syria.

“One of the PET’s main tasks is to keep an eye on people who plan to travel to Syria and fight, as well as those…

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Israeli Soldiers Destroy Palestinian Homes

Seven families will now be sleeping outside in cold with no home to protect them... after Israeli Occupation Force attacked them, knocked down their houses, and even destroyed all that shows that once they used to belong to this land... PS. that's just another way for Israelis to vanish Palestine, little by little...  

Syrian torture claims- Without the torture- Unlike Abu Ghraib- Odd?

Coincidentally? Not. We are witnessing a smear campaign against Syria being put forth by Qatar. H/T commenter simone lagareJanuary 21, 2014 at 3:59 AM Please people get on to Social Networking site and POST! Call these photos of torture that are making the rounds on the MSM BULLSHIT they come from QATAR! More stories. So very reminiscent... Continue Reading →

The only Good Terrorist is a Dead Terrorist

Friends of Syria

The murdering, killing machines, suicide killers who kill, butcher and rape, women and children, all for the promise of 72 virgins. They are so stupid that they are so easily brainwashed, that they actually believe this and are willing to die for sex. 

Here we will celebrate the deaths of these terrorists and hopefully many more in the future.

The day the Canibal Jihadist was Killed

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