Obama Backed Al Qaeda Torture Syrian Man

Terrorists humilating prisoner, asking him to bark and bite his fingers – I have translated the video into English for the non-Arabic speaking people.

The original video was uploaded on Youtube on the 29th of November 2013 by the pro al-Qaida reporter Mohammad al-Sitti. The prisoner is Ammar Ahmed Fares from al-Qariteen in Homs.

You can clearly see how the prisoner was tortured before by the extremists. They force him to bark like a dog and to bite his fingers.

Share the video, spread the word about it. We need to stop the support for these terrorists, who are destroying Syria.

2 thoughts on “Obama Backed Al Qaeda Torture Syrian Man

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  1. This video has haunted me and I did share it many times. I often wonder what happened to Ammar…was he released or did they actually kill him? Does anyone know? It makes me sick to see human beings treating eachother like this. The crisis in Syria is unforgivable for so many reasons…I go to sleep at night praying for these people and these atrocities to end and for the entire world to wake up to what is going on globally. We are all to blame and we can only fix it when everyone wakes up and works together to achieve universal peace.


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