Guantanamo: Twelve Years of US War Crimes


Obama Backed Opposition Using a Child Army

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At first glance, the training camp appears no different from the many others shown in propaganda videos posted by al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria. Hooded recruits in camouflage shoot at targets or march in formation under the black flag of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

But look closer and the “fighters” appear quite small. The tallest are barely chest-high to their instructors, and the shorter ones wear ill-fitting uniforms and appear to struggle under the weight of their weapons. A photo of the recruits without their hoods confirms that all of them are young boys.

Radical Islamist groups within the Syrian opposition are stepping up efforts to indoctrinate children in territory they control. This video shows young boys undergoing instruction and military training at the “Zarqawi’s Cubs Camp,” a facility linked to the extremist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. 
This video, posted by…

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Terrorist Attack on Aleppo

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Four citizens were martyred and others were injured in a terrorist mortar attack on al-Hamdanieh neighborhood in Aleppo city.

A source at the Police Command in Aleppo told SANA that three mortar shells launched by terrorists hit the houses of citizens in al-Hamdanieh neighborhood causing the martyrdom of 4 citizens and the injury of others, in addition to huge material damage to a number of cars and houses.

The source added that terrorists launched a mortar shell on al-Azizieh neighborhood causing material damage to a number of houses with no human causalities.


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Horrific Abuse in Secret Al Qaeda Prisons

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Amnesty International warns of torture, murder in Al Qaeda-affiliated prisons. Children among the victims.

Syrians are being tortured and killed in secret prisons run by an Al Qaeda affiliated group, Amnesty International has warned in its latest report.

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), which has seizedcontrol of territory in northern Syria, has reportedly committed horrific abuses in its prisons in the region.

Sources told Amnesty that some of those imprisoned by ISIS are as young as eight years old. Witnesses reported seeing teenagers being tortured, including a 14-year-old boy who was given 90 lashes during an interrogation.

Prisoners have also reportedly been tortured with electric shocks.

Those who are given a trial face a Sharia court (court of Islamic law) overseen by a judge who regularly shows up to court wearing a bomb belt, according to the report. Trials often last just minutes; some of the “sham” trials…

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Over 1,000 Christians Murdered by Obama Backed Opposition

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Nearly 1,000 Christians have been killed and over 450,000 of them displaced in Syria due to the crisis plaguing the country, says a prominent Christian figure.

“As we know, there are 120,000 Syrians killed in the 3-year-long crisis, including Syrian Christians. Maybe the Christians among the killed amount to 1,000,” Patriarch of the Church of Antioch, Gregory III Laham, told Xinhua on Thursday.

“There are also nine million people displaced inside and outside Syria, 450,000 of whom were Christians,” added the Christian leader.

Some 1.8 million Christians reside in Syria, making up about 10 percent of the country’s population. The religious minority has been subjected to numerous attacks by extremist groups since the outbreak of violence in the country in March 2011.

Laham went on to say that Takfiri militants operating in Syria have so far “destroyed,” “burned” and “sabotaged” 85 churches across the country, stressing that the turmoil “has…

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Al-Nabak: Ruadhri sends this ‪‎SANA‬ report on the stash of weapons

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Another huge weapons cache was uncovered by ‪‎SAA‬, ‪NDF‬ and security yesterday in Al-Nabak.



Discovered inside the nest were sizable quantities stolen drugs and medical equipment. The find was made as SAA was chasing down remnant rodents in the rural area around the town. Besides the above-mentioned, precursor material for IEDs, such as fertilizer, was seized.


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New Brigade of British Jihadists Killing in Syria

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UK brigade fights in Syria secretly

Sky News has gained the first access to a previously unknown brigade of exclusively British jihadists fighting in Syria.

Israeli-made arsenal found in Homs: SANA

Until now, the existence of this UK brigade has been kept a secret, but it reveals that British security services have hugely underestimated the scale of UK nationals involved in the bloodshed.

In a series of wide-ranging and frank interviews, the jihadists, who have asked Sky News to protect their identities for fear of a backlash against their families in the UK, reveal that hundreds of young men from Britain have joined the fight against Bashar al Assad’s government and that “at least” four die each month.

They also claim that the UK remains the largest single source of private fundraising for jihadi fighters, outdoing countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE.

In the interviews, carried out by US journalist and Muslim convert, Bilal…

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