Obama Funded Terrorists Continue to Behead Innocent Syrians

Friends of Syria

Yemeni Jihadists Behead, Threaten Alawites in Aleppo,

Footage apparently filmed in the South Aleppo countryside shows a group of several foreign rebels holding the head of an Alawite they claim to have killed with a knife. The speaker, a Yemeni, threatens Alawites branding them ‘enemies of Allah’ and promises to slaughter them with their own weapons.

The men, all of whom seem to be foreign are dressed in Afghan style clothes previously alien to Syria are symptomatic of what has become a rebel movement dominated by foreign extremists, primarily from Chechnya, Iraq, North Africa, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

The expression of an open desire to slaughter Alawites in general reflects the fact that the opposition is motivated largely by a sectarian hatred of Alawites, worsened by the dominance of Al Qaeda factions who believe them to be apostates whom they must slaughter.

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