Obama Breeding Children to be Terrorists

These are 2 little boys who have been recruited into the Obama backed FSA to kill in Syria. They are trained to kill their fellow Syrians by terrorists, who come from outside of Syria.

child terrorists
child terrorists

“From left, Abboud, 12, and his brother Deeb, 14, walk with their weapons in Aleppo’s Sheikh Saeed neighborhood on Sept. 28. The brothers, both school-going children before the civil war, joined the Free Syrian Army after the deaths of two of their brothers and an uncle in the conflict. Muzaffar Salman”

It is a crime to let children fight in wars, but the West is turning a blind eye to these child soldiers, because they are fighting on the side of the USA. Another example of the Obama’s foot soldiers, that are being used, to replace the US regular army.



3 thoughts on “Obama Breeding Children to be Terrorists

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  1. Obama and his regime could care less about our children, , so obviously they do not care about these kids. I do not think that they understand, whatever these kids see in battle they will NEVER be able to un-see, their lives are ruined!


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