GRAPHIC: Homs Countryside Massacre 20 September 2013

Friends of Syria

The video might contain GRAPHIC contents.
Killing indiscriminately for the sake of killing in the name of promoting ‘democracy’ and ‘free speech’ is what Obama’s death squads’ only task.

FSA is the umbrella and under that name all ‘free’ ‘armies’ from all sides of the planet came to plant terror and spread carnage in Syria, is it democracy or Oil, Gas, Pipelines, Corporations, Bankers, and of course: Securing the ‘Jewish State of Israel’?

These crimes are paid for by and committed in the name of EACH WESTERN CITIZEN, especially those of USA, UK, France & their regional stooges.

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The Media the Ignores the Spread of Sharia Law in Yemen

A raft of gross and deeply disturbing abuses committed by an al-Qa'ida affiliate and Yemeni government forces during their struggle for the control of the southern region of Abyan in 2011 and 2012 must be the subject of impartial, thorough and independent inquiries, Amnesty International said in a new report out 04 December 2012. Conflict... Continue Reading →

Recruited by Al-Qaeda: Foreign fighters in a Damascus jail tell their stories

Friends of Syria

Raouchan Gazakov brought his family to Syria, taught his 5-year-old son to make bombs and bade farewell to his relative, a suicide bomber. RT’s Maria Finoshina talked to him in a Damascus prison and asked him why he came to fight for Al-Qaeda.

“A group called Murad approached me a year ago and convinced me that Muslims in Syria are being oppressed and killed, and that I should go and take up arms against Assad for world jihad,” Raouchan said in the spartan prison, where some 200 inmates are held – most of them jihadist fighters for Al-Qaeda or affiliated groups.  The prisoners’ fate is unknown, although it looks grim.

Raouchan says he sneaked into Syria last January through Turkey. In Istanbul, two men claiming to be from Al-Qaeda met Raouchan and accompanied him to Syria. There, he joined a large terrorist group run by an Egyptian jihadist.


“My job…

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Friends of Syria

I want you to remember this picture when you think of Israel’s use of chemical weapons every time someone parrots the talking points of the Israeli government.  This picture was taken in Gaza, Palestine; this is a war crime.

Now – when discussing Israel’s use of chemical weapons – I have heard many justifications, excuses and obfuscations to minimize the criminal element of “Operation Cast Lead” that lasted just over 3 weeks from December 28th, 2008 to January 18th, 2009. The timing of Operation Cast Lead is important since the U.S. and the world was focused on the horror of an economic downward spiral and the hope of a new way forward … President Barack Obama was waiting for his inauguration at this point. Now – many Israel advocates like to claim that this isn’t illegal and that Israel used white phosphorous (which is irrefutable and the Israeli government acknowledges)…

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This Who Obama is Supporting.

Friends of Syria

Who is Killing Syrian Children?

Here is more evidence of the Obama backed Opposition made up of FSA, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Muslim Brotherhood, killing children.

Obama is saying he will put no US boots on the ground, but he has had boots on the ground since the beginning of the war in 2011. FSA Terrorists directed by US Generals, who are on the ground in Syria, by the US in the past and terrorists trained in Turkey, by US and Turkish military. All the jihadist fighters from around the world, make their way to Turkey, where they are given weapons, trained and paid by he US, before being sent into Syria. These are the US backed foot soldiers, Obama’s Al Qaeda Army.

The following film is very disturbing. Very Graphic.

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