60,000 Palestinian Refugees Without Food for 42 Days

Friends of Syria

Is Obama going to kill 60,000 Palestinians to make a point?

60,000 Palestinians have been trapped in the Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp for 42 days now, as unwilling hostages of the FSA Terrorists, with no food, water or medicine, yet this has not been mentioned in the media.


A child has died already, when her mother managed to get out of the camp to buy food leaving her daughter in the home. The mother was unable to get back into the camp and the daughter who was dependent on her mothers milk died.

The Palestinians are now terrified that the are going to be killed by a red flag chemical attack by the terrorists. After the recent attack they are sure that the terrorists are going to attack them with chemical weapons to blame the government. Maybe this is the reason that the media are not following this story at…

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