‘Obama Overtly supports Al-Qaeda, Provides Terrorists with Chemical Weapons’

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‘Obama Overtly supports Al-Qaeda, Provides Terrorists with Chemical Weapons’: Michel Chossudovsky


“In the midst of pre-Geneva II talks on Syria Prof. Michel Chossudovsky tells the Voice of Russia about the controversial role the Obama administration plays in the Syrian conflict and the possibility that the US Head of State not only cooperates with Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations but also supplies them with chemical weapons.” http://bit.ly/147NKgK

“US intelligence admits Syria arms aid goes to Al Qaeda”

American Intelligence officials are acknowledging that the bulk of the weapons flowing into Syria for the US-backed war to topple the regime of Bashar al-Assad are going into the hands of Al Qaeda and like-minded Islamist militias.

A lead article appearing in the New York Times Monday confirms the mounting reports from the region that jihadist elements are playing an increasingly prominent role in what has become a sectarian civil war in Syria.


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Where Are the Dead Bodies?

Friends of Syria

It has been 5 days since the FSA posted films of a chemical attack but other than in the films, nobody has seen any of the bodies. The Terrorists have said they will show the bodies only to the UN. 

So the terrorists finally convince the UN to go and investigate the incident, only to fire on them when they arrive. Of course, just to blame the government again and stop the UN investigating the area.

The Public Hospital in Damascus has told that the only injuries of the people who arrived at the hospital on the day of the attack, were those from a mortar attack on residential homes by terrorists.

Some more evidence has come to light since the alleged chemical weapon attack. As well as the previous questions we are getting more and more evidence to prove that the terrorists are responsible for whatever happened.

The following…

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60,000 Palestinian Refugees Without Food for 42 Days

Friends of Syria

Is Obama going to kill 60,000 Palestinians to make a point?

60,000 Palestinians have been trapped in the Yarmouk Palestinian Refugee Camp for 42 days now, as unwilling hostages of the FSA Terrorists, with no food, water or medicine, yet this has not been mentioned in the media.


A child has died already, when her mother managed to get out of the camp to buy food leaving her daughter in the home. The mother was unable to get back into the camp and the daughter who was dependent on her mothers milk died.

The Palestinians are now terrified that the are going to be killed by a red flag chemical attack by the terrorists. After the recent attack they are sure that the terrorists are going to attack them with chemical weapons to blame the government. Maybe this is the reason that the media are not following this story at…

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Two Phone Calls Confirm the use of Chemical Weapons in Homs by terrorists

Friends of Syria

A phone call between a terrorist affiliated to the so-called “Shuhada al-Bayada Battalion” in Homs and his boss who was called Adulbasit from Saudi Arabia uncovered that terrorists used the chemical weapons in Deir Ballba in Homs countryside. 


During a phone call broadcast on the Syrian TV Channel, the terrorist said that his group which comprises 200 terrorists escaped from al-Bayadah to al-Daar al-Kabera through a tunnel, adding that they needed to buy weapons to attack the City of Homs.

The Saudi financier who was present in Cairo asked the Syrian terrorists about details on his group and the way they will receive the money, admitting his support to terrorists in Daraa and Damascus Countryside, in turn the Syria terrorist told him that one of the achievements of his “Battalion” was the use of chemical weapons in Deir Ballba.

In the same context, another phone call reveled the cooperation between…

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Hunt For Chemical Weapons: More Important than Terrorist Massacres

The bodies belongs to the residents of some villages in Lattakia countryside, who were murdered and slaughtered by Al-Nusra Front terrorists. Syrian authorities are completing the process of collecting bodies and transfer them, while the #SAA allowing the the people displaced from villages, numbering about 20,000, to return to their villages and to contribute in identifying the... Continue Reading →

What Did the Terrorists Do to These Children to Make This Fake Film

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On closer inspection of the films that are flooding the internet of a chemical attack we have come to the conclusion these films are fake. It is not sure if the terrorists have used Sarin on these children, but the film leaves more questions than answers, as we are seeing the same tell tell signs that we have seen in the past and the lengths the terrorists will go to make these films.

Look carefully at this film and if any of you are doctors out there, we would love your input. It might be interesting to note that the only time you see a real hospital shown on western media, is when there is a car bomb. Syrian people get taken to a regular hospital by ambulance. If you search on Youtube, you will find that every terrorist video is set in a field hospital. These field hospitals seem…

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