Obama the Killer, Assad the Innocent: US Kill Innocent People to Blame Assad

Friends of Syria

The USA planned this war, the media faked demonstrations the USA killed innocent Syrians to manipulate their lies. Tens of thousands of Syrians have been killed by the USA to gain control of the country. If there were demonstrations in Syria, why were they never shown? Why did they go to the trouble to fake fake films?

Obama will not give up until every Syrian is killed. Why are the American people allowing this to happen? America is the most hated nation in the world and have murdered more people than Hitler ever did. History will show the USA as the evil country it really is. They call it the land of the free, but it is the land of dumb, brainwashed people, blindly supporting their evil politicians who think nothing of killing their own people and women and children around the world.

The American people should stand up against…

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