Syrians Adore Their Army: Cameron and Obama Lie to Make War (WW3)

Friends of Syria

Obama will stop at nothing until he starts WW3. Insisting that threatening Assad to get him to the negotiating table. Assad has been ready to Negotiate and has been Negotiating for over 2 years. It is Obama who will not negotiate and keeps sending money to the terrorists to kill innocent Syrians.

You are playing with fire this time, you have started war in one too many countries this time. Now your ally Erdogan is going to fall and the Turks are demonstrating about your terrorists in their country. In your war you will not only be fighting Syria, but Russia, China, North Korea. You think your were safe in your country when you started your previous wars, but the US is no longer safe now China is involved. The Chinese Women’s Army has more soldiers than the population of the US, so image how big the male army is.

You will…

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