Who Are These Moderates You Want to Arm? David Cameron

Friends of Syria

It is amazing how these names keep changing, from peaceful demonstrators, unarmed peaceful activists, rebels, the opposition, when in fact there has only ever been one opposition and  it is called the FSA made up of Al Qaeda and Al Nusra Terrorist.

david-cameronAll of a sudden we now have this word Moderates but David Cameron has not made it clear who he means by the moderates. Where have these Moderates come from, as in the past two years we have seen no sign of these Moderates. The only men we have seen calling for arms are the terrorists. The same terrorists that already have ammunition, which Cameron will argue comes from the Syrian Government. This has been proved time and time again, not to be the case. The terrorists have weapons from Belgium, Switzerland and Israel. The Syrian Arab Army does not have weapons from these countries. Lies, lies and…

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