Obama Uses Suicide Bombers to Kill Innocent Civillians

Friends of Syria

Another suicide attack rocks the Bab Sharqi neighborhood in old Damascus, killing and critically injuring a number of civilians. Police say a man smuggled the explosive device in a plastic bag and detonated it in the middle of an ancient market.

Insurgents have confirmed the number of dead, but claim the attack was caused by a mortar bomb. This while some unconfirmed reports say the bomber was wearing a suicide belt and blew himself up outside the Virgin Mary Greek Orthodox church. A number of shops were also damaged in the blast, but the number of fatalities is likely to rise.

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US-backed Takfiri Militants Behead 2 Christians Including Priest in Homs

Friends of Syria

A shocking video has emerged on the Internet showing US-backed Takfiri militants in Syria brutally beheading two Christians including a priest in the western city of Homs.

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In the gruesome footage recently posted online, the militants who are said to be members of the terrorist al-Nusra Front, cut off the heads of two handcuffed men, including Father Francois Murad, with a small knife in front of a crowd of people.

This is not the first time that the US-backed terrorists who are fighting against the Syrian government commit such grisly crimes against innocent civilians in the war-torn country.

In March, a Muslim cleric was beheaded in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo by militants, who decapitated Sheikh Hassan Saif al-Deen before dragging his lifeless body on the streets.

Local media blamed the beheading on the al-Qaeda-linked al-Nusra.

Foreign-sponsored militancy in Syria, which erupted in March 2011, has…

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Russia Warns Against Arming Terrorists in Syria

Friends of Syria

Russia warns the United States, the European Union and their regional allies against supplying more weapons to insurgents fighting against Syrian government.

In a statement on Monday, the Russian Foreign Ministry expressed serious concern over the consequences of sending further arms to militant groups fighting against the government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

The statement said the move will hamper efforts aimed at finding a swift political solution to the crisis that has gripped the Arab country for more than two years.

The statement was issued after the weekend meeting of the so-called ”Friends of Syria” in Doha, Qatar in which the participants agreed to provide urgent military support to insurgents in Syria.

“Such statements from Doha cannot but provoke serious concerns,” Moscow said, adding that arms could end up in the hands of “terrorists” and “encourage the opposition towards a destructive military solution for Syria.”

The meeting came as…

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Spain Dismantles al-Qaeda linked terrorist network responsible for sending fighters to Syria

Friends of Syria

Madrid: Sana: Spanish security forces on Friday broke up an Al-Qaeda-linked network in north Africa suspected of sending fighters to Syria, arresting eight people in early morning raids.


In a statement to Agence France Presse, Spanish Interior Ministry said : ” We have broken up a network responsible for sending combatants to Al-Qaeda-linked terrorist groups operating in Syria,”

The network, operating in Ceuta and the neighbouring Moroccan town of Fnideq, sent dozens of combatants , some minors, to Syria, the ministry said.

It added that the dismantled Spanish-Moroccan network was, according to police investigations, responsible for sending jihadists to groups affiliated with Al Qaeda in Syria,”

“Some of them would have carried out suicide attacks while others would have been incorporated into training camps prior to carrying out armed action,” the ministry said.

Security forces confirmed that several “jihadists” were waiting to travel from Spain to Syria, it added.


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Syrians Adore Their Army: Cameron and Obama Lie to Make War (WW3)

Friends of Syria

Obama will stop at nothing until he starts WW3. Insisting that threatening Assad to get him to the negotiating table. Assad has been ready to Negotiate and has been Negotiating for over 2 years. It is Obama who will not negotiate and keeps sending money to the terrorists to kill innocent Syrians.

You are playing with fire this time, you have started war in one too many countries this time. Now your ally Erdogan is going to fall and the Turks are demonstrating about your terrorists in their country. In your war you will not only be fighting Syria, but Russia, China, North Korea. You think your were safe in your country when you started your previous wars, but the US is no longer safe now China is involved. The Chinese Women’s Army has more soldiers than the population of the US, so image how big the male army is.

You will…

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